An engaged couple plans their future wedding through various wedding planning apps

4 Apps You Need to Plan Your Wedding

Weddings are occasions that require attention to about a million details in order for everything to run smoothly. Whether you’re planning your own wedding now or simply dreaming up your wedding in the future, there are some tools that can help you plan out some of the details and tasks. With the growing popularity of technology, apps are important resources for keeping yourself organized. Different apps have different benefits and features, so read about these top wedding planning apps to pick one that’s right for you. 

  1. The Knot Wedding Planner

    The Knot is a wedding planning site that gives you tons of ideas for your dream wedding. Whether you’re looking for the perfect vendor, venue, or dress, the Knot has tons of ideas and solutions for you. The Knot’s wedding planner app is a great tool that brings all of the great ideas from the website into an app that helps you plan your own wedding. It has a giant checklist that lets you input your own information and check things off your list. You also can search for a number of vendors and venues locally, right from the app. You’ll love the Knot’s chic design and user-friendly features.  Plus, it’s free!
  2. Wedding Planning Complete

    The Wedding Planning Complete app lets you build your guest list, budget, and other details within the app, free of cost. It lets you share all of your information with other members in your wedding party and sync your information to your computer. You can save blogs to your app to help you plan out ideas, assign seating within the app, and even shop for your wedding items at the lowest prices. The app is great for functionality, but it’s a little more lacking on design and aesthetics.
  3. iWedding Deluxe- The Wedding Planner

    This app isn’t free, but you make up for the cost by having all of the functionality you need to plan your wedding. The app lets your store guest list information from your contact list, customize your to-do list, record details about your vendors, keep track of all of your wedding gifts with its gift tracker function, and even helps you pick out your song for your first dance! Like other apps, iWedding Deluxe also has lots of wedding ideas stored for you to look at.
  4. David Tutera – My Dream Wedding

    If you love celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, you’ll love his dream wedding app. This app lets you create your dream wedding in the palm of your hands. Literally. It only costs $0.99 and it gives you all of the fabulous ideas that you see on his show My Fair Wedding. You’ll also get exclusive tips from David Tutera, check-list functions, countdowns to your wedding and anniversary, and inspirational videos from David Tutera along the way. There’s nothing better than getting pep talks from your favorite celebrity wedding planner while working out the details of your own wedding!
Last Updated: July 31, 2015