a woman chats with her long-distance love interest via her computer

5 Cool Dates for Long-Distance Relationships

One of the major downsides of online dating is not living in the same location as your romantic interest. Isn't dating supposed to include actual dates? Well, here are some dates you can enjoy together over the internet even when you can't be physically together.

Go to the Movies

Well, go to the movies together at home! Watch a movie together over the phone or over video chat. Pop some popcorn, grab a soda, and chill out on the couch together. You may not be able to sit beside one another, but you can still enjoy a movie together until you can be with them in person again.

Pin Together

It may sound crazy, but it's actually fun. Create your own accounts on Pinterest. Then, create a board that the two of you share, or create separate boards where you pin for one another. These boards can be for reasons you love one another, for date ideas when you see one another again, or you could even plan your dream vacation together. It can be fun to connect and see how your tastes and interests differ.

Reach for the Stars

Look up one another's horoscope charts and read them aloud to one another. Even if you think it's silly, it's still fun to see if your horoscope personality charts match up to your real personalities. It will help you get to know one another better, open up some dialogue, and give you something to talk and laugh about for a couple of hours.

Be Bookworms Together

There are plenty of book clubs online, or you can start your own personal club together. One of you can choose a book and both of you can set a date to discuss it. This can stimulate intellectual conversation and help you feel more connected when you are apart. Knowing that your date is reading the same thing you are makes you feel like you aren't as far away from one another.

Cook Up Something Sweet

This one will require a bit of planning, but it's very romantic. Plan a meal you both like a few days in advance to give you both time to pick up the ingredients needed. Set up your webcam in the kitchen and cook together. You can give each other tips and pointers, and when the meal is finished you can sit down and eat together. You may not be able to be together, but this is the next best thing.

Last Updated: February 12, 2016