A heart-shaped bowl filled with popcorn to eat on Valentine's Day

5 Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Have you and your significant other decided to stay in this year for Valentine’s Day? Start planning your romantic meal now, and look through this list of movies to prepare for a romantic night at home.

  1. Pretty in Pink
    If you were a teen in the 80’s there’s a good chance you’ve already seen Pretty in Pink. It’s a classic tale of teens from different circles trying to make a relationship work. Andie (Molly Ringwald) is a working class girl who develops feelings for the rich, preppy boy Blane (Andrew McCarthy). They try to make their relationship work, but life isn’t easy for them. It’s a fun cliché high school movie that will have you reminiscing about the good old days.
  2. Chasing Amy
    This definitely isn’t your typical romantic comedy, but it’s a classic funny movie from Kevin Smith. Holden (Ben Affleck) is a comic book artist who falls for Amy (Joey Lauren Adams). Amy is lesbian, but that doesn’t stop Holden from pursuing her. The two develop a deep friendship and he professes his love to her and they begin a relationship, but their relationship causes stress and strain on their other friendships.
  3. While You Were Sleeping
    This is a sweet, nontraditional love story that stars a young Sandra Bullock. Lucy (Sandra Bullock) is a token collector for the Chicago Transit Department. She develops a crush on a businessman who commutes through her booth. When a group of muggers push him onto the tracks and she helps rescue him, though the fall cause him to go into a coma. Then chaos ensues when an onlooker overhears her say “I was supposed to marry him” to herself, and everyone thinks she is his fiancée. She accompanies him to the hospital, ends up meeting his family, and getting pulled into their business. To make things even more complicated she falls for another man in the process.
  4. Take this Waltz
    This movie stars Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams as a couple who have lost the spark in their marriage. This dramedy that has several dark parts and it shows you a different side of Seth Rogen. Margot (Michelle Williams) meets another man, Daniel, on a business trip and even though they have chemistry she explains to him that she is married. She returns home to figure out that Daniel lives across the street from her and her husband Lou (Seth Rogen).
  5. Love Actually
    A lot of people categorize Love Actually as a Christmas movie, but really it’s a fabulous love story. It includes a huge cast of megastars, including Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightly, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. It follows several different story lines and different love stories, but by the end you’re guaranteed to feel warm and fuzzy.
Last Updated: February 03, 2016