wedding guests enjoying the perfect rehearsal dinner

5 Tips for the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner

Traditionally, the wedding rehearsal dinner is the perfect time for families to unite. It is a celebratory occasion in which you can relax and allow family members to get better acquainted with each other in a relaxed setting before the formality of the wedding day. Having everyone together in the same room before the big event will be an exciting time. In order to make this event perfect, here five tips for planning the perfect wedding rehearsal dinner.

  1. Location

    Book a location at least four months before the event. You can plan the event anywhere that will be large enough for your guests, such as a restaurant, hotel, park, or banquet hall. You will want your guests to be very comfortable and be able to easily mingle with each other.

  2. Who to Invite

    Be sure to invite all family members and the wedding party. Include all out-of-town guests, especially if the party is the day before the wedding. You can also include the wedding planner and the officiant who will be performing the ceremony.

  3. Activities

    There are many activities you can organize to celebrate the occasion. Have the host of the party give the toast to the wedding couple and a funny story about them, present gifts to the members of the wedding party, show a video of the bride and groom and how they came together, and have the bride and groom share with the guests why they love each other. You can also have fun dance contest between the father of the bride and father of the groom.

  4. Party favors

    Commemorate the day with fun party favors. Consider mini photo frames with a picture of the newlyweds, a key chain with the initials of the bride and groom, or tin mint boxes with the wedding date inscribed on them.

  5. Play games

    Test the guests' knowledge by playing a game about how much they really know about the bride and groom. Prepare a list of questions and have a prize for the winner with the most correct answers.

Last Updated: February 10, 2016