Wedding rings on a snow covered stick to symbolize a winter wedding

5 Unique Ideas for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings offer the opportunity to add unique touches to your special day that would be out of place in the warmer months. These five winter wedding ideas will set your wedding apart.

  1. Fire

    There are few things as romantic as a roaring log fire. The leaping flames bring a charm and coziness to any space and provide a warm, inviting area for your guests to gather and mingle. Rustic and historic wedding venues often have large fireplaces. If the venue of your dreams does not have the capacity for a traditional fire, you can still bring the romance of dancing flames to your wedding by filling the space with candles.

  2. Hot Drink Bar

    Everyone loves a hot drink on a cold day. Adding a hot drink bar to your wedding reception is the perfect cozy touch your guests will love. Drinks such as hot chocolate, cider, and coffee offer a range of options for different tastes. Stock the bar with marshmallows, peppermint sticks, cream, sugar and cinnamon so your guests can customize their beverages to taste.

  3. Warm Favors

    Saying your vows in the middle of winter offers you the unique opportunity to give your guests useful wedding favors that you can be sure they’ve never seen at another wedding. To commemorate your special day, have your name and wedding date embroidered on a warm accessory. Gloves, scarves, and blankets are all cozy favors that your guests will continue to use for years.

  4. Snow Globe Centerpiece

    There’s something enchanting about a snow globe in winter. The tiny picturesque scene perfectly portrayed under glass always looks magical with the drifts of snow gently falling. Placing snow globes as the table centerpieces allows you to capture this magic for your wedding. You can even commission customized snow globes that depict scenes that have personal meaning to you and your guests. You can keep the globes to commemorate the occasion or give them as gifts to your wedding party.

  5. Fir Accents

    Use your winter wedding as a chance to incorporate unique plants. Instead of having flowers everywhere, use fir. These evergreen plants are at their prime in the wintertime. Their dark green color adds depth and texture to centerpieces, can form the bulk of a wedding bouquet and long boughs make amazing accent pieces for your wedding décor. Fir has a spicy, sweet fragrance that will fill the space. A few flowers mixed in with the fir provide a bright pop of color that nicely accentuates the deep green shades.

Last Updated: August 26, 2015