A happy, newly married couple

7 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

A happy marriage helps people feel better, be happier, and even recover from illness more quickly. Follow these rules for a happy, healthy marriage.

  1. Respect Your Partner

    Respect is vital if two people are to feel comfortable living together. Respect allows people feel comfortable in the marriage.

  2. See Your Partner as Your Best Friend

    Your spouse is your partner through life, and therefore should be your closest confidante. Work to build a friendship with your spouse.

  3. Allow Your Partner to Have Separate Interests

    Marriages tend to function better when both partners feel free to maintain their separate interests. If you like ballet and he likes football then you both should be free to pursue those interests on your own. Don’t force your spouse to endure something he or she hates.

  4. Agree on Finances

    It’s important that you both agree on how best to manage your finances. Arguments about money can be destructive and may result in serious conflict. Marriages with high conflict levels can lead to hurt partners and even divorce.

  5. Avoid Unhealthy Criticism

    Criticism hurts the recipient and rarely leads to positive improvement. In order to have a happy relationship, you have to avoid unnecessarily criticizing your partner. Instead of harsh criticism, simply talk to your partner about what you’d like them to change. You also need to know when to back off. If you can see your spouse becoming upset with the conversation then you need to stop and discuss it later when everyone has calmed down.

  6. Know How to Make Up

    Happily married couples know how to avoid a fight and have a productive conversation to solve the issue. When an argument does ensue, they also know how to apologize. Your marriage is far more important than winning an argument.

If you follow these tips throughout your marriage, you will have a much happier relationship that lasts till death do you part.

Last Updated: September 04, 2015