a copule on a date uses their cell phone instead of talking to one another

Cell Phone Etiquette: Dos and Don'ts of Dating

Cell phones are great for helping us stay connected to everyone and everything, but it’s important to know when to put the phone down and connect to the person sitting in front of you. Cell phones and dating don’t always mix, so here are the do's and don’ts of cell phones and dating.

Do Put the Phone Away

When you’re on a date, the best thing you could possibly do is put away your phone. Texting, taking phone calls, or instagramming your food are the best ways to ensure your date fails. Imagine this: the person you’re on a date with is looking at his or her phone more than they are looking at you. Annoying, right? Actions speak louder than words, and too much phone action says you don’t care. Simple solution: put the phone away.

Don’t Play Hard to Get

If emotional maturity is something you’re looking for in a partner, do yourself a favor and don’t play games. It’s 2014 and everyone has their phones glued to their hip 24/7, so taking hours to respond to a text isn’t cute; it’s just rude, and your date will see right through your games.

Don’t Overdo It

If you had a good time on your date, it’s 100% ok to send a text saying so. Just don’t flood their inbox because you will 100% freak them out.

Do Call

Got a fun idea for a next date? Call to make the plans instead of texting. Phone calls have practically become extinct in 2014, so this will surprise your date and let them know that you care.

Don’t Drink and Text

The best thing you can possibly do when you go out is to stay off your phone. If you have a trustworthy friend with you, give them your phone – whatever it takes. Alcohol and cell phones do not mix well, and sending a message you probably won’t remember sending the next day could potentially do major damage to your relationship.

Don’t Fight Via Text

All fighting should be done in person. Text messages do not convey tone and voice, making miscommunication inevitable. It’s also easier to hit your partner where it hurts over text, because you’re taking the time to think, write, and rewrite your messages. Always, always, always avoid sending angry text messages.

Last Updated: July 31, 2015