An engagement ring bought by someone who studied the basics first.

Engagement Ring Basics for the Rookie

If you are thinking about proposing to your significant other, you might want to think about the basics of engagement rings before you ask her to marry you. There are several kinds of rings, and if you don't know what kind she might like, then you might make a mistake on what you get.

Price the Ring

A budget is something good to start with. Some people plan to spend the amount of one month's income on a ring, and there are others who need to spend less. Try to find the best ring possible, but don't go into debt buying the ring. No two diamonds are alike, so one store might sell a certain style for much less than another store. You also need to remember that no diamond is perfect. If you find any flaws in the ring or the diamond then you might be able to reduce the price of the ring.

What To Look for

There are four characteristics that you want to look for when you start shopping for rings. First examine the color. If you want the most expensive diamond, then you need to look for something that lacks color. Diamonds that contain color are much cheaper, but you will also find that the diamond isn't as genuine as one that has no color. You also need to look at the clarity of the diamond. Most diamonds are made through a heat process, so there will be small imperfections, but the fewer imperfections there are, the better the clarity.

It takes more time to create flawless diamonds, so these diamonds cost significantly more than the ones that have slight flaws. Examine the cut of the diamond. Different cuts lend various qualities to the diamond, such as how much it shines. Certain cuts cost more than others based on this and rarity. Finally, look at the carat weight. The price of the diamond increases as the carat weight increases. Bigger diamond, bigger price tag.

The Setting

One of the last things that you need to look at is the setting. This is what will hold the diamond in the ring, so you want to get something that she will not only enjoy, but will keep the diamond secure. Most engagement rings are a solitaire, meaning there is only one diamond, but you can find something that has smaller diamonds on the sides. You must also decide whether to have the ring in silver, platinum, white or yellow gold. The metal you choose also influences the price of the engagement ring.

The most important thing to remember when choosing an engagement ring is that it is a symbol of your love for your partner. Take care to purchase one that represents that love and that she will enjoy wearing for the rest of her life.