a loving couple shares passwords for their electronic devices

Relationship Status: Sharing Passwords

Thinking about sharing your phone, email, and social media passwords with your significant other? There are always two sides to every story, and password sharing is no exception. While some believe that the exchange of passwords is a sign of trust in a relationship, others see it as an invasion of privacy. Before you make the big decision, read over these pros and cons to decide if password sharing is right for you and your relationship.

Pro: Trust

In today’s world, the sharing of passwords is like sharing the key to a journal filled with one’s innermost thoughts. If your significant other doesn’t reciprocate, do they really trust you? Should you really trust them? While you should never share passwords to establish trust in a relationship, it is a great feeling to know that the trust is there. And just like with any taboo, if you think someone is hiding something from you, it makes you even more curious. If you and your partner willingly share with each other, it’s less likely either of you will feel insecure and go looking for dirt.

Con: The Breakup

What happens when you break up? The reason password sharing is such a powerful step is that you’re basically giving your significant other the ammunition to destroy your online world and trusting that they won’t. But what if you’re wrong about that person? They could change your passwords, dig up virtual dirt, and send out whatever they want to whomever they want.

Con: Lack of Privacy

In a world where you’re constantly exposed to everyone’s dirty laundry, shouldn’t some things be kept private? Even if you have nothing to hide, sometimes it’s nice to know that something is 100% yours and no one else’s. Besides, nothing is more annoying than a clingy partner who’s constantly asking you who so-and-so is and why they’re contacting you.

Pro: Think Twice

Picture this: you’re upset from fighting with your loved one, so you open up your computer and e-stalk your ex. But before you hit send on that message to them, you remember that someone else has your password. What happens if they see the message? Do you really want to hurt the person you love? Sharing your password can help you to think twice about things that could possibly affect your relationship.

Con: Sharing Too Early

Never make the decision to share passwords to establish trust in your relationship. The trust should already be there; sharing, at a certain point, should feel natural. Never force it.

Last Updated: September 04, 2015