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Single Parent Dating: Meeting the Kids

Anyone that is a single parent knows that dating can be challenging. In particular, meeting a single parent's children or having your significant other meet your children is especially tricky. Also of importance when dating as a single parent is helping your child handle any and all emotional issues associated with your dating again. This article is devoted to helping you navigate the difficult waters of single parent dating and the process of introducing the kids in single parent relationships.

How Should You Introduce Your Child to the Person You Are Dating?

One of the key aspects of introducing children to your boyfriend or girlfriend is timing. Put plainly, you must ask yourself whether it is the right time to do so. In order to answer this question, you should consider whether the significant other in question is committed to you. Ideally, significant others should only be introduced to your children when you are in a serious and exclusive relationship with them. Children are keenly aware of commitment in relationships and that is something that a child will want to see.

Further, you should be able to envision making your significant other a part of your family. Introducing your child to the person you are dating signals a serious interest in taking the next step in a relationship. As a result, this introduction process should not be done frivolously or on an emotional whim. It is also important that you talk openly with your partner about what these next steps would mean, since it is critical that both partners be committed to taking the next step together. This entails both partners being honest with themselves and each other. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a more casual relationship, a casual relationship that neither partner sees as serious would not be an ideal one to involve children in.

Discussing the Relationship with Your Child

It is essential that a parent recognize that children often fear being left behind or abandoned when a parent begins a new relationship. A parent should calm these fears by verbally expressing their steadfast commitment to the child and discussing their excitement and appreciation for their significant other as well. In this way, the child will understand and appreciate that they are an essential part of this next step in your dating journey. Taking this journey as a team will allow for a healthier relationship with your child as well as your partner.

Making the Initial Introduction

Once you have decided to introduce your child, there are only two rules to keep in mind. The first is to keep it simple and fun! The second rule is to make the introduction as part of an activity where you all are involved together. In this way, the child will see the enthusiasm you have for your relationship and will visually recognize that he or she is part of the future with you and your partner as well.

Last Updated: August 05, 2014