Mom and kids making Valentine cards.

Valentine’s Day Card Guidelines

Valentine’s Day cards are something we usually forget about after grade school days when we slipped tiny little cards into homemade shoeboxes sitting on desks has ended. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you know what to say in a Valentine’s Day card, if you should incorporate your family, and who to send them to.

All In The Family

Valentine’s Day is probably the one holiday where you should not take a family photo and send it out to your friends and relatives. This is a holiday that is usually spent between lovers, but if you really want to take a family photo (or even a pet photo), try to keep it light, airy, and funny. Nobody wants a steamy or awkward romantic photo from you and your lover to hang on his or her refrigerator.

What To Write

If you’re writing a Valentine’s Day card to your significant other, it really depends on the status of your relationship and the way the two of you communicate. If the two of you are more of the lovey-dovey type, then go for a homemade card full of mushy and romantic love poems from the heart. Or, if you are both jokesters, go for a store-bought card with a humorous flair. As long as you stay true to yourself, you’re sure to strike gold.

Who To Send Them To

If you’re making a family Valentine’s card, then you can send them to pretty much everyone. Send them to your family, friends, work colleagues, and children’s teachers. Of course, if this is a card of a romantic nature, then you should only be sending one to your current significant other. Don’t send a romantic card to an ex-lover because that’s a terrible idea.

Homemade Ideas

Another good Valentine card idea is to go the homemade route. There are lots of great ideas in this category. The easiest way to to start is to go to a scrapbooking or craft store and pick up some cute heart-themed items and cardstock to create your own cards. This would be a great craft to let the kids help with as well. These cards would be great for kids to give to mommy or daddy, or to send to the grandparents for a Valentine’s surprise. These little kinds of gifts really make grandparents and parents feel special on holidays.

Last Updated: January 14, 2015