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Well Known Dating Advice That Doesn’t Work Online

You’ve heard it all…from your mother, friends, and magazines. Dating advice is so easily given and sometimes, it works! But there are several adages that don’t quite translate into the realm of online dating. Here are a few bits of dating advice that are too outdated to apply to dating online.

Let Him Come To You

This one is the oldest one in the book! Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move, especially online. If you find someone intriguing, go for it. Send the first message and let the person know you are interested. You’re online to find love, not to play coy games by sitting back and waiting for someone to click on your profile. If you wait for someone to sweep you off your virtual feet you could be left waiting forever.

Never Accept A Last Minute Date

While it may be considered rude to ask someone out at the last minute in the offline world, it’s never too late to accept a date online. If someone pops up in your chat window and asks if you want to go grab a drink, don’t hesitate to reply with a “yes!” if you want to go. This rule only applies if you don't already have plans, and if you’re online browsing profiles when someone asks you out. You really don’t have anything better planned, do you?

Only Date One Person At A Time

It’s the 21st century, and you’re looking for a possible love interest on the internet. Feel free to accept a date from more than one person. If you want to schedule 4 dates with 4 different people in one week, go ahead! If you don’t date more than one person, how will you ever know who makes you happy? It’s fine to shop around in the beginning and then be serious later.

When A Guy Is Mean To You, He’s Into You

This is the one rule that should always be broken. When a boy teased you in school, you were told it was probably just because he liked you. When you’re an adult, this rule no longer applies. When you’re an adult and dating online, it definitely doesn’t apply. If someone makes you uncomfortable with his or her behavior online, it is no longer cute…it’s bullying.

Be Mysterious And Aloof

This rule is counterproductive. The point of dating online is to get to know one another without dealing with the awkwardness of the first date conversation. Your profile puts your personality out there and introduces you to the world. Trying to feign mystery and intrigue just makes you seem like you’re playing hard to get, which is also outdated in the world of online dating. Stop playing games and start putting yourself out there.

Last Updated: February 12, 2016