15 Musicians Who Can Actually Act

Musicians and actors both try to move us with their performances, and while there are many people out there that are good at one of those things, it's a bit rarer to find someone who can do both. For decades, musicians have tried their hand at the silver screen, but let's be honest—that transition does not always go as planned. (We're looking at you, Gigli) However, there are some musical stars out there who have proven themselves to be surprisingly good actors. Here's a look at 15 folks who are great on stage and in front of a camera!

1 of 15 David Bowie

It is no surprise that the theatricality of David Bowie’s stage performance would translate well to the big screen. He has shined in lead roles in films such as The Man Who Fell to Earth  and Labyrinth, but he also had the ability to stand out in supporting performances, such as in The Prestige. Bowie also found himself on the TV screen with roles in shows like Extras and Dream On, and in 2003 he even won a Daytime Emmy! 

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