30 Worst Films of the 1960s

The 60s were an amazing time for filmmaking, and many classics have come from that era—like Psycho, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and The Graduate. But for every iconic film of that time, there are quite a few flops. And we're not talking your run-of-the-mill flops. These were downright, outright, and painfully bad movies. They were "Who thought this was a good idea?" bad. But hey, at least the left their mark (however embarrassing) on the cinematic landscape of the deacde. Brace yourself for lots of pointless plots and corny creatures—we're counting down the 30 worst films of the 1960s! 

1 of 30 A Place for Lovers (1968)

This film sees a whirlwind love affair between a terminally ill American fashion designer and an Italian racecar driver. The affair takes place in Venice, Italy, which is "a place for lovers." Critics hated it. Some called it dreadful trash while others said it was nothing but yawning prettiness with lethargy. Roger Ebert labeled this film the “most godawful piece of pseudo-romantic slop I’ve ever seen!” Seems fairly harsh, but that was for audiences to determine. While some people really liked the film, the majority of viewers agreed with Eberts assessment of the film. One thing is for sure – if it weren’t for the gorgeous location shots of the Italian Alps, the movie would have been even worse than it is in its current state.

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