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15 Most Common Fashion Mistakes

Showing Too Much Skin

If you think “sexy” equals showing lots of skin, your state of mind might be stuck in the early 2000s. We're not trying to be Christina Agularia anymore. Showing too much skin can appear tasteless, so before you pair a low-cut top with a mini skirt, we urge you to try a mock neck top instead. Leaving a little to the imagination never hurt anyone! A cute sleeveless summer dress is one thing—parading downtown in not much more than your birthday suit is another.  Keep warm and keep classy! If you absolutely love an outfit that shows a little too much skin, don't be afraid to layer it up. You can always wear a cami under or a cardigan over. For dresses that feel a little too short, you can always pair it with a cute pair of leggings to not feel so exposed. 

Wearing Clothing That is Too Loose

Clothing that is too loose will make you look bigger than you actually are, so you should employ slimming cuts instead. A wrap dress or high-waisted jeans can make a great substitute! 

Accessorizing Too Much

We get it. You want to show off all your bling, but please resist over doing it. Too much jewelry will cheapen your entire look. A better idea is to focus on one or two great accessories. Then, they can garner the attention they deserve!

Not Giving Vintage Pieces a Modern Spin

It is A-OK to wear vintage pieces! However, if you style an '80s vintage skirt with neon sweater, your outfit is going to look dated. Try livening up those pieces by pairing them with new styles, like cold-shoulder tops or velvet ankle boots.

Tucking Jeans into Ankle Boots

Ankle boots have been popular for quite some time now, but it’s astonishing that many people still do not know how to style them correctly! Tucking them in makes you look sloppy. Instead, cuff them or wear cropped jeans.

Wearing Heels That Are Too High

Heels are often a part of the typical “going out” outfit formula, but no one is going to notice how great you look if you’re walking around like a baby deer. Many times, a shorter heel or no heel at all is more comfortable and equally as stylish as a pair of back-breaking stilettos.

Wearing Clothes That Are Too Small

Whether you’ve gained a couple pounds or you intentionally bought something two sizes too small as motivation to lose weight, we’re here to tell you that wearing something that doesn’t fit is not going to look good. Embrace your body for the size it is and dress accordingly. We promise that you’ll look and feel much sexier!

Not Wearing the Right Undergarments

You can have on the most gorgeous cocktail dress in the world, but if people can see your panty line, no one is going to notice anything else about your outfit. Invest in seamless underwear and high-quality strapless bras. Your outfits will instantly look more refined!

Being Too Trendy

It’s perfectly fine to fall in love with a trend or two, but if you try to keep up with every trend, you’re going to lose your voice as an individual. So, pass on the trends that don’t excite you and splurge on the ones that already fit in with your sense of style.

Not Cleaning Your Shoes

One of the biggest faux pas that even fashionable women make is not cleaning their shoes. Your white Adidas Superstars aren’t going to look striking and sporty if there’s dirt all over them. Preemptively spray your shoes with a protective spray, then be sure to clean them immediately if they get even a little dirty.

Not Dressing for the Weather

The first thing you should do before you get dressed or plan an outfit is check the weather. Trust us, you do not want to get caught in a rainstorm while wearing suede pumps. Not only will you be miserable, but you could end up ruining some of your favorite pieces.

Clashing Patterns

Pattern mixing is definitely still a thing, but you have to know what you’re doing in order to pull it off. If you're a newbiet, stick to tried-and-true combinations, like polka dots and stripes. Afte mastering that, you can move onto more difficult mixes, such as animal print and paisley.

Wearing Flip-flops

Flip-flops should only be worn as shower shoes or near bodies of water. This style of footwear is neither flattering nor good for your feet, so trade it in for chic sandals or strappy ballet flats.

Not Ironing Your Clothes

Wearing wrinkled clothes makes you look lazy, so it’s definitely worth the effort to spend an extra ten minutes ironing your pants before you go out. If you're in a rush, at least spray your clothes with an anti-wrinkle spray to get most of the creases out.

Dressing Down Your Gym Clothes

If you’re accustomed to only wearing your leggings with baggy t-shirts and sweatshirts, you need to catch up with the times. Athleisure is still going strong, so embrace the trend and pair mesh-cutout leggings with crop tops, bomber jackets, sweaters, and more!

Not Tucking Blouses

Some outfits look better with your blouse tucked in. If you’re wearing a pencil skirt, don’t be afraid to tuck properly by adding a nice knot at the end of your blouse. It may feel a little strange at first, but it’ll definitely upgrade your outfit from great to glam.

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Forgetting to Cinch

Some dresses don’t really flatter the figure, and wearing them as-is can make it seem like you’re wearing a moo-moo. It’s easy to cinch almost any dress yourself. It’ll give the rectangular dress some shape, and let you show off your figure.

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Not Mixing Gold and Silver

Mixing metals used to be a serious faux pas, but the rule is falling out of style. Now, mixing gold and silver can look beautiful. Try it on a pair of delicate necklaces or even accent rings.

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Avoiding the Tailor

Tailors exist for a reason. Getting your clothing tailored is a little more expensive, but it is the perfect way to make your clothing flatter your shape. It’s like men who don’t tailor their suits – it just doesn’t look as good.

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Keeping Worn Out Clothing

We all have that sweater that we want to keep forever, but it’s worn out. Distressed can look good, but if it’s too distressed, throw it out! It’s time to make room for your new favorite piece of clothing. 

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