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30 Women's Hairstyles to Ditch This Year

Voluminous Buns

A bun is a great “bad hair day” style, but one of the biggest bun trends from last year is far from chic. Some people have taken the bun a little further by adding a ridiculous amount of volume, which makes it look like they have a small animal on their head.

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Frizzy Waves

Waves have had a big year, which we love! The accompanying frizzy trend, however, has got to go! There’s nothing wrong with low-maintenance hair, but some curl cream and argan oil can be a simple solution this coming year!

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Super Long Locks

There's a point that you have to cut your hair. Long hair is heavy and difficult to keep clean. Plus, there's a certain point where it goes from looking beautiful to reminding people of the crazy cat lady. 

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Repetitive Ponytails

We don't hate ponytails. The issue is when you wear the same slick, pulled back ponytail every day. It's convenient, sure, but it can lead to serious damage. It pulls at your hair and can hurt the hair follicle. Over time, you may notice thinning and split ends. 

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Top Knots

Women who pile their hair on top of their heads know that hair doesn’t actually contribute to their height, right? Perhaps not. This style can make you feel a little taller, but the trade-off of looking like you’re from Whoville isn’t worth it. 

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Neon Streaks

If you wanted a bold pop of color without dyeing your whole head, you probably went for neon streaks. While this style looks right at home at Lollapalooza, it doesn’t work out quite as well in the real world. 

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Half Up, Half Down

The half bun became a popular look for fashion bloggers. Of course, it looks fine on those with thick, voluminous hair. Unfortunately, if you have thin, stringy hair, this style is a disaster waiting to happen. 

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Pink-Copper Hues

Bright pink copper hair has popped up on our Instagram feeds a couple times, but this color choice tends to look like rose gold’s ugly stepsister. If rose gold is classy and sophisticated, pink copper is tasteless and tacky. Stick with the former this year!

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Super-short bangs made a comeback this year, but we hope this trend will fall out of favor this year. It’s not a particularly flattering look for most people, so don't be afraid to give it a hard pass. But you don't have to go with crazy-long bangs either, though. It's all about striking a good balance. 

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Dark Roots

Instead of trying to cover roots up, more women started embracing them. This style is low-maintenance, but it has the major downside of making you look like you’re too lazy to hit the salon. Roots will never be attractive, period. 

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Tight Braids

This entry is on the list because it's just bad for your hair! Even if it looks good, tight braids can lead to breakage and thinning. If you want to braid your hair, it's best to go with a loose braid.

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High Ponytails

Along the worst ponytails are the high, top ponytails. First, we don't really get how it doesn't just hang in your face. Second, it doesn't look good on many people. Finally, it pulls your hair pretty tight which could cause damage. 

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Slicked-Back Bobs

Bobs and lobs were the two biggest haircuts last year, and we love them….mostly! The only problem is the slicked-back bob. This style tends to look dated, greasy, and uptight. Let your bob roam free next year!

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"The Rachel"

“The Rachel” was one of the most iconic haircuts of the 90s, and a few celebs attempted to bring it back this year. Unfortunately, this cut represents the worst trends in 90s hair. Let’s stick to chokers and denim jackets next year.

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Eye-Skimming Bangs

We’re not really sure how eye-skimming bangs made their way back into mainstream culture, but it’s time for them to go! Everyone knows how uncomfortable it is to have the tips of your bangs getting in your eyes. Plus, you can’t show off your killer brows!

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What's the deal with poodle perms? The tightly, wrapped ringlets look unbecoming (we're reminded of a Chia Pet) and can cause damage to your hair. After a poodle perm, your hair is weaker, dull, and dried out.

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Wet Hair

The wet hair trend had a big moment last year, but more and more, people are starting to realize that it looks more sloppy than chic. Let’s make a deal: choose whatever hairstyle you want as long as it’s dry, okay?

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Rainbow Hues

Over the last few years, many celebrities have dyed their hair an unusual color. While we understand that shades of blonde, brown, and red can get boring, definitely think before committing to a bold new hue. You may love the look of Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, or Bella Thorne's locks, but looking to the rainbow for inspiration isn't always the best option. 

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Glittery Hair

Why was this ever a trend? Glitter in your hair looks childish and makes us think about children who got into the art supplies. Not to mention, the glue required to make the glitter stick is nearly impossible to get out. 

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We love a good pompadour. In fact, it's a great way to make your hair look more voluminous. That being said, let's stop with this oversized pompadour look. They phased out for a reason, and there's absolutely no reason to bring them back. It just doesn't look good on anyone. 

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Crimped Hair

Crimped hair didn't even look good in the '90s. No adult should be caught dead in this trend that cropped up during the same decade as butterfly pins. Not to mention, crimping irons can damage your hair quite a bit. 

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Space Buns

Khloe Kardashian popularized space buns, and they did look kind of cute in her Instagram post. Yet, in real life, space buns tend to look immature. So, please don’t try rocking this style to your next business meeting. 

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Bowl Cuts

Somehow bowl cuts came back, and we're honestly baffled by it. Bowl cuts didn't look good when they first popped up, but women decided that it was worth bringing back. It only gets worse if you pair it with super short bangs. 

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Asymmetrical Haircuts

Asymmetrical haircuts once looked good -- once. They no longer look that great because they look like the stylist attacked your hair with scissors and you lost badly. 

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Buzz Cuts

Buzz cuts may feel cool and wonderful in the summer, but they will leave your head freezing in the winter! Cut the fuss and stick with a look that works year round. 

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Long in the Front, Short in the Back

Thanks to internet memes, this will forever be known as the “I want to speak to a manager” haircut. But even if you ignore its bad reputation, this style doesn’t look fresh or modern at all. 

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Modern Bouffants

Modern twists on the classic bouffant style look absolutely amazing, no doubt. But the time and effort it takes to achieve such a look just aren’t worth the work. Make this the year of hassle-free hair!

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At one time, the undershave looked cool and punk rock. But at this point, so many stars, celebrities, and everyday people have sported it that it’s begun to lose its edge. 

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Past, present, or future--there is never a good year to be rocking a mullet. Next. 

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Dyed Greys

There’s nothing wrong with going grey, but dyeing your hair that color just seems like a waste. Be patient and mother nature will do the work for you. 

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