30 Best Hairstyles for Short Hair

While long hair can be great, short hair can be even better. What we love most about short hair is that it can be incredibly freeing. Not to mention, short hair requires less time to wash and dry. Even if you have thick hair, it takes half the time to dry it, and air-drying is an actual viable option for your hair. Think about it: it can easily take half an hour of blowdrying for someone with long hair to get their locks damp -- much less dry! Who has time for that in the morning? Not us. Short hair also isn’t as heavy, so you may experience fewer headaches. What’s better than that? Heck, people with shorter hair are also a lot cooler during the summer since they don’t have a lot of hair hanging down. Nothing is worse than moist hair that sticks to the back of your neck while the sun glares down at you.

Well, for every good thing, it seems like there’s one glaring issue: there isn't much to do with your hair. Wait, what are we saying?! Short hair has just as much versatility as long hair! Having it doesn’t mean you’re stuck doing the day thing with your hair day in and day out. There are plenty of things you can do from decorative hairpins, braids, curls, and a bunch of other stuff. Don’t forget that you can also color it and change your style up that way. Sure, people with short hair can’t have super long braids, but nobody has time for that anyway.

Short hair can be styled a ton of different ways, and we’ve found 30 hairstyles to prove the naysayers wrong. If you’re interested in getting a few ideas for your next style, just click "Let's Start" to begin.

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