30 Youthful Styles to Insist on Wearing After 45

Let’s talk about what it’s like being a woman nowadays. There are tons of things out there saying what we should and shouldn’t wear as women. It’s like society tries to dictate what women can and cannot wear as they age (or at any age, honestly). That’s all crap. In fact, there’s no better way to stay young at heart than to embrace youthful fashion—bright colors and patterns and all. What everyone claims we should stop wearing is a load of bologna, anyway!

Wearing something youthful is the perfect way to bring a little pep in our step and give us confidence without changing anything up. No one wants to feel old, and who cares about age? It’s just a number. I mean, who says we can’t wear skirts that hit above our knee when we're over 45? Also, while we’re on the topic, leggings ARE pants. If a 47-year-old wants to wear something with sequins, who are we to say no?

Let’s just forget whatever appears in magazines or online about “dressing appropriate” as we age. It’s all phony, anyway. These are 30 styles that are worth rebelling for and wearing as often as possible regardless of age. Basically, we’re saying that the moral of the story is that women should wear whatever makes them feel good! It doesn’t matter what it is because that’s your style! Flaunt it and love it!

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