Hollywood's 15 Hottest Dads

Aren’t the men of Hollywood just so handsome? Some of them could sizzle an egg on their abs while others have a personality that makes us melt. Don’t even get me started on their voice. To top it all off, they’re super talented, and some are even incredibly intelligent! They’re the total packages, but we’re still forgetting something that’s pretty important for a guy.

While we see the sexy side of them through their career, some spend their off-time changing diapers and teaching their kids what’s right and wrong. Being a father isn’t an easy job, but these are some guys that do a fantastic job of it. They’re talented, super hot, and fabulous dads to boot. Sometimes life gives you lemons, but sometimes they give you these hunks.

Sure, they’re out of arm's reach, but that doesn’t mean we can’t admire them from afar. We’ve gathered a list of 15 of the hottest dads that Hollywood has to offer. They prove that you can be a red-carpet actor while being a great dad. You may be surprised some of these men even have children!

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