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10 Heartthrobs From the '80s Who Are Still Dreamy Today

1. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe got his start as a member of the “Brat Pack,” a group of young actors who frequently appeared in films together such as, About Last Night and The Outsiders. Rob amazed audiences with his acting chops and his killer jawline, two traits that have stuck with him throughout the years and made his roles in Parks & Recreation and The Grinder unforgettable.

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2. Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman first broke out in the television show Silver Spoons, and it didn’t take long for him to score even bigger roles in Night Rider, Mr. Belvedere, and Bates Motel. People far and wide fell for his authentic smile, dreamy eyes, and captivatingly stoic expression. He’s gaining more fans every day due to his recent performances in Horrible Bosses, Arrested Development, and Zootopia.

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3. John Stamos

John Stamos starred in two of the biggest television shows of the decade, General Hospital and Full House, both of which garnered a dedicated following. John was known for his quick wit and charming, sly grin that he has perfected over the years and still demonstrates in current shows like Grandfathered and Fuller House

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4. Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio got his first break on the television show Eight is Enough, but his huge claim to fame is The Karate Kid. Like a fine wine, Ralph’s looks have only gotten better with time, but he still maintains that sweet smile and dreamy look in his eyes that we all fell in love with. 

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5. Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon starred in a number of movies based on S.E. Hinton novels in the ‘80 including The Outsiders, Tex, and Rumble Fish. Fans were enamored with his long, flowing locks and piercing gaze. Even though he cut his hair shorter, his recent films like The Art of the Steal and Bad Country still have us swooning.

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6. Denzel Washington

The ‘80s was a huge decade for Denzel Washington. He found fame in the movie A Soldier’s Story (for which he earned an Oscar nod), and he actually won his first Oscar for his work in Glory. Denzel’s deep voice and subtle air of confidence helped him win over fans worldwide. You can still get your dose of Denzel by watching Flight, The Equalizer, or The Magnificent Seven.

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7. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise began his rise to superstardom in the ‘80s with films such as Endless Love, Risky Business, and Top Gun. His momentum has only grown over the past few decades. He has recently starred in Edge of Tomorrow and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and his captivating blue eyes and sultry smirk still make our hearts skip a beat.

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8. Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick started his career as a stage actor, but in the ‘80s, he decided to bring his talents to the big screen in Max Dugan Returns. Soon after, he starred as Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which forever sealed his fate as one of the world’s favorite nerdy, quirky, and unbelievably alluring actors. Lately, he has appeared in several television shows including Louie, Adventure Time, and The Jim Gaffigan Show.

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9. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt started climbing the ladder in the ‘80s whilst appearing in many movies and television shows including 21 Jump Street, Dallas, and The Dark Side of the Sun. Brad was, and is, the epitome of handsome. We can’t wait to see more of him in the upcoming movies War Machine and World War Z 2

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10. George Clooney

George Clooney is an icon, and we first saw him blossom into a star in the ‘80s television show The Facts of Life. Fans couldn’t get enough of that twinkle in his eye and his strong facial features, and we’re thrilled that he hasn’t slowed down a bit. You can watch him in several recent hits like Money Monster, Hail Caesar, and Tomorrowland.

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