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10 Most Iconic Calvin Klein Ads

10. Jamie Dornan

Hello, handsome. Don’t you look dapper dressed in practically nothing. This 2006 ad is risque, of course, but that’s just child’s play for Mr. Grey.

(Image via CalvinKlein)

9. Djimon Hounsou

When you combine a piercing gaze, bulging muscles, and stark white undies, you have a winner. Djimon posed for Calvin Klein in 2007, and the results were, well, delectable.

(Image via CalvinKlein)

8. Kendall Jenner

Only Kendall and Calvin can make wet hair and white-washed overalls look insanely cool and sexy in 2015. Don’t everybody rush to your old ‘90s clothes at once.

(Image via CalvinKlein)

7. Travis Fimmel

Travis’ 2002 ad was so popular that it’s still one of the most memorable ads from Calvin Klein. Now, 13 years later, we’re all left saying, “YAS GAGA.”

(Image via CalvinKlein)

6. Justin Bieber

This 2015 ad from Calvin Klein shows us just how much the Biebz has grown up. The controversy circus started up as soon as the ad went live, but no matter what people say, this ad will live forever.

(Image via CalvinKlein)

5. Nick Jonas

Let’s not waste time arguing who grabbed it better because viewers everywhere win no matter what. This 2014 ad pays homage to Marky Mark’s most memorable photo and catapulted Nick Jonas out of his boy-next-door, Disney kid persona.

(Image via CalvinKlein)

4. Patti Hansen

You never forget your first, and Patti was the first model for Calvin Klein jeans in 1979. This photo of her crawling on her hands and knees started it all, but it’s quite tame compared to the ads that followed.

(Image via CalvinKlein)

3. Unknown Woman

Kudos to Calvin Klein for busting gender norms before it was a national movement. This image came out in 1984, and it’s one of the company’s more out-there concepts.

(Image via Hell-of-a-Dreamer)

2. Mark Wahlberg

In 1992, Calvin Klein gave us the most glorious image on Earth. Mark Wahlberg probably didn’t realize his underwear ad with Calvin Klein would become a worldwide phenomenon for decades, but boy, are we glad it did.

(Image via CalvinKlein)

1. Brooke Shields

Then-15-year-old Brooke Shields made history with this ad (and its slogan, "Nothing gets between me and my Calvins") for Calvin Klein’s jeans in 1980. Was it risque? Yes, but it also made everyone want to run out and buy a pair of jeans to look like Brooke Shields.

(Image via CalvinKlein)