15 Celebs Who Faced Consequences Over Controversial Tweets

What we say means a lot. When you’re in person, you know immediately when you say something wrong because of the way people react. People may seem aghast and not really want to talk for a moment. The only good thing about this situation is that once you’ve said it, people can forget. It isn’t in writing or anything. Not to mention, only those in the area heard you. What if the wrong thing you said was heard all over the world? And it was permanent?

That’s basically what happens when someone uses Twitter. A tweet can be accessed all over the world by anyone, especially if it becomes incredibly popular or “viral.” A controversial tweet has the potential to spread like wildfire, and celebs are at an increased risk for this. After all, millions of people may follow them and get updated when the celebs post something. To make matters worse, you can view any tweet from any year unless they deleted it.

Naturally, this can get celebs into some hot water when they say something without thinking first. Now more than ever, we’re seeing famous people get tons of backlash over something they said on the platform.

We’ve found 15 celebs that have faced some serious consequences for posting a tweet that was deemed “controversial” no matter when it was published. Some of these people were publicly shunned for a bit while others got fired and had their careers ruined. Do you think the consequences justify the tweet?

(Image via Pixabay)

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