25 Popular Movies No One Knew Were Based on Books

25 Popular Movies No One Knew Were Based on Books. There’s nothing that beats a good book. A well-written story can take anyone on an adventure in their mind, which is part of the reason filmmakers are always looking to books for the next big movie idea. Coming up with new plotlines is hard, and if a book is already popular then it’s fair to assume the movie will do well, too.

Just like a good book, a good movie can immerse you in the story and, all of a sudden, two hours have passed without you noticing. Many of the movies you adore are based on a book. Just think about it—you don’t have to come up with a whole new story, you just have to tweak and edit the existing story into a watchable film. With the speed at which new movies come out, are you surprised that the people in charge get their ideas from somewhere besides their own brilliant imaginations?

Your favorite books and movies are a lot more connected than you think. Several of Hollywood’s greatest hits have been inspired by popular novels. You already know about popular book-series-turned-movies like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hunger Games, but they aren’t the only ones. Little-known book-to-film adaptations include The BFG, Brokeback Mountain, and Girl, Interrupted.

If you have a favorite movie, chances are the story came straight from the pages of an even more well-loved book. In fact, it’s harder to name movies that aren’t based on a book! If you’re interested in discovering what movies you didn’t know were based on books, keep reading to learn about 30 of thousands of adaptations out there.

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