30 Great Inventions That Happened by Accident

30 Great Inventions That Happened by Accident. Some inventions take a while to create. The people working on it can spend years (and sometimes decades) working on their project. Each failed attempt gets them one step closer until they finally succeeded. Basically, inventing something is a work in progress.

Most of us have heard about how the internet was developed. Plenty of other scientists toyed around with the idea of a wireless system, like Nikola Tesla, but it wasn’t until Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf came along that the internet was created. As technology continued to improve, the two developed what’s known as the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol or TCP/IP. This was the communication model that set the standards for how data moves between multiple networks. From there, researchers began to put together what we know today as “the Internet.” 

Well, not every scientist or chemist meant to make their invention. Some of them discovered something new thanks to a little slip-up. Well, needless to say, these happy little accidents changed their worlds forever, and usually for the better. The creator often ran off to get a patent and monetize their invention.

Surprisingly enough, most of the stuff we rely on today was nothing more than a mistake. Someone knocked something over, and voila, you have vulcanized rubber!

Today we’re going over everything that was accidentally invented. From microwaves to chocolate chip cookies, these are 30 things we were glad scientists and chemist inadvertently made.

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