30 Popular TV Shows That Were Nearly Canceled

30 Popular TV Shows that Were Nearly Canceled. Television shows can have a hard time succeeding. Not only do they have to have a convincing pilot, but they also have to hook fans for every episode of every season. Networks look closely at the ratings to decide if it deserves another season. Low views and low audience approval can have the show axed. But that isn’t always bad. Some shows deserved to be removed from the air, like that horrible Charlie’s Angels reboot in 2011. With that being said, some shows are put up on the chopping block for no reason!

We’re talking about the shows that are a huge hit – ones that audiences love or loved after several seasons. Would you be shocked to know that some of your favorite TV series almost got canceled? Thankfully, fans and other networks stepped in to save a series that turned out to become the hit that it’s known as today.

As new cancelations roll in each season, we can’t help but think about each series. What if they could have been something? Here are 30 shows that nearly got nixed but were saved and became one of the biggest hits on television. Did we miss one? What was your favorite show on the list?

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