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30 Rules Hells Angels Must Follow


The Hells Angels is one of the largest one-percenter motorcycle clubs in the world. The term “1% Motorcycle Club” is commonly used to describe outlaw motorcycle gangs. This 1% is supposed to be in opposition to the other 99% of motorcycle riders who are law-abiding citizens.

The first Hells Angels club was founded in 1948 in San Bernardino area of California and still exists today, known as the Berdoo charter. The clubs expanded across California and then across the country, until in 1969, the first European charter was created.

According to the Hells Angels website, as of October of 2020, there are currently 467 Hells Angels charter clubs, spanning 86 areas, in 59 countries, across five continents. Even with so many clubs, the Hells Angels are still a rather exclusive group with just over 800 members in the United State and up to 2,500 members worldwide as of 2017, according to the Justice Department.

For it to be such an exclusive club, but to also be so well known, we wanted to know what one exactly had to do to be a Hells Angel. So, we looked up their rules and guidelines and found 30 rules all Hells Angels must follow. Read on to find out!



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