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40 Things All Baby Boomers Think Are Cool


Cursive doesn't actually help. While it may look pretty, it's honestly an outdated waste of time.

Surely there's got to be a better way to spend your time than working on your P's and Q's. 

China Plates

What is the point of having super expensive plates that never get used? They just take up space. Another unpopular opinion: they're really not even that pretty.

Fine China is one of those things that you basically forget you have. Until it gets broken, that is. 

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24-Hours News Networks

You want to scream fake news at something? Scream it at these, not actual news outlets.

The world barely has enough truly newsworthy events for an hour of programming each day, much less 24/7. So you can be sure that those 24-hour outlets are leaning heavy on the fluff and scares. 

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Diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend when, in reality, they're overpriced rocks bought with the blood of modern-day slaves in Africa. You can typically get cubic zirconia, which is cheaper and comes in more colors.

But don't think you get get away with cubic zirconia without a little teasing, either! 

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Patterned Wallpaper

No room can escape the horrors of patterned wallpaper. Patterned wallpaper is just too busy and can sometimes be tacky. Just stick with a solid paint color.

And that's assuming you can actually get it applied correctly. Smoothing out all those bumps and ridges in the paper is definitely not worth all the trouble! 

Unpaid Internships

"I'm paying you in experience!" Too bad experience doesn't pay the rent, Patrick.

If you're such a big supporter of unpaid internships, then I fully support your decision to apply for one immediately. 


Originally created to be boating shoes, Crocs debuted back in 2002 and became super popular across America. Though boating enthusiasts weren't the only people these disgusting shoes found popularity with. 

Yes, they're easy to slip on. Yes, they're comfortable enough. But no, they don't look good. They look ridiculous.

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Blaming Millennials

Hey, hey, I get it. "Snowflakes" are "whiny" and "can't take a joke" since they disagree with you. 

But whatever you do, don't ever direct that blame inward. It's definitely the millenials. 

Home Shopping Channels

Home shopping networks are just scams that are determined to sell you cheap, useless stuff that you definitely don't need.

When there are just so many options for acquiring useless junk these days, why do it through the TV? Cut out the QVC middleman and buy your cheap goods directly from China! 

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High-Waisted Jeans

So you think high-waisted jeans are cute? Okay, Boomer.

Unless you're just rail thin, high-waisted jeans are not going to flatter your body. They're just gonna create curves in all the wrong places. 

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Writing Checks

You are literally just holding up the line when you write these out in store. It's so much easier to carry one little card instead of a fat stack of checks.

And bonus points for those obnoxious personalized checks. Nothing says class like paying for your colonoscopy with a check that's plastered with puppies and kittens. 


You know, those phones with jacks that were plugged into the wall. Yeah, you can get landlines basically for free at this point, but what's the point?

Just get a cell phone and stick with it. We promise you'll be fine without them.

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Fossil Fuels

Oh yeah, researching and implementing green, sustainable energy is such a waste. Why not just irreparably destroy the ozone while we fight wars over oil? 

Plus, wind energy gives birds cancer, so of course, we can't do that.

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The Mall

Malls are just kind of...anxiety inducing. Why bother going out when you can buy or return everything online and have it delivered right to your doorstep? It's easier.

Plus, have you ever seen the miserable looks of husbands who don't want to be there? We'd rather our shopping not be ruined by grouchy moods.

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Khaki Capri Pants

These aren't flattering. Please let this die.

Capris are pushing it as it is, but when you throw khaki into the mix--it's truly a travesty. 

Denim Everything

Denim is great, don't get us wrong. But all great things come in moderation (however, Boomers typically don't know much about that either).

We don't care if you're the great great grandson of Levi Strauss himself--a head-to-toe denim look is not nearly as stylish as you think it is. 

Jell-O Everything

Jell-O can be pretty great, but shoving Jell-O with ham, cheese, tuna, and anything else you can think of is downright disgusting.

We don't know what was going on in the 70s that made people think everything needed to be suspended in gelatin, but it certainly does not. And it's time we put this disgusting chapter behind us once and for all. 

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No baby boomer home is complete without a set of encyclopedias that they probably got from door-to-door salespeople.

Ultimately, encyclopedias have become obsolete with the rise of Google and having them in your home makes it look dated and just takes up space.

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Socks and Sandals

Why Baby Boomers seem to think that tall white socks and sandals are a good fashion choice, we will never understand. In case you didn't know: sandals are made so you don't need to wear socks. Stop. You just look ridiculous.

That being said, if you're wearing socks because your bare feet look terrifying, why not ditch the sandals entirely and go with a nice, conservative sneaker instead? 

Phone Books

Honestly, these are such a waste of paper. If you really need to get in contact with somebody, chances are you can find their number online or message them over Facebook or something.

And these days, where would you even go about finding a phone book to use? 

Shag Carpets

Nothing says 'I still live in the '60s' like shag carpet. Shag carpet honestly was such a mistake, it never looked nice and feels weird on your feet. I think younger generations will be happy to pass on this trend.

And don't even get us started on trying to keep it clean. You may as well just hire a groomer. 


Another thing that looks really, really dumb. Just get an actual hat to keep the sun out of your face. They make some pretty nice ones!

And if you happen to be balding, a visor is going to betray your secret every time...

Fuzzy Toilet Seat Covers

These things look as gross as all the germs they collect. Not to mention, they hold odor. Please, do everyone a favor and get rid of these.

Everyone wants a luxury experience when they use the bathroom, but shag carpeting on your butt is not the way to go about it. 

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These are actually making a major comeback in today's generations, and records and record players are now being sold in stores like Target and Walmart. 

They might be old fashioned and a little impractical, but we'll give this one to the baby boomers. These were pretty cool.

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Not-So-Skinny Jeans

For whatever reason, baby boomers loathe skinny jeans. (The only thing they dislike more would probably be holey jeans.)  Instead, they continue to rock flared and bootcut jeans, because "everything comes back into style eventually."

And by that logic, skinny jeans should be cool by now. It's not like they're anything new or revolutionary at this point. 

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It's a given that clothes get wrinkled occasionally, but there are easier ways than wasting your time ironing. If it's too bad, just take it to the cleaners and let them handle it. 

Or wear it wrinkled if it's not that bad. Literally, nobody actually cares anymore.

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Bar Soap

Bar soap is gross and way more tedious to deal with than liquid soap. We all know with Baby Boomers' weak knees and hips that dropping the soap in the shower could lead to all kinds of trouble. Maybe invest in a waterproof life alert if you insist on keeping bar soap.

Or, you know, just switch to gel soap and be done with it. 

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As a baby boomer, odds are you grew up on meatloaf. Yes, there are some out there who still eat this, but a lot of people lean away from this relatively bland food. Not to mention, it looks gross.

And we're not sure what the point of slathering the whole thing in ketchup is, but that just makes the whole thing look even more unappealing than it already was. 

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Patterned Vests

Vests have never been cute. Patterned vests are just downright gross.

It's wrong to judge people on what they wear, but we'll look the other way when it comes to patterned vests. 

Cop Dramas

Some of these mysteries are just completely ridiculous and superbly overdone. Plus, there are so many of these; they all start to blend together.

At this point we're at about 20 Law & Orders and at least as many CSI's. Surely we've reached peak criminal justice by now. 

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Alex Jones

In case it wasn't clear: this guy isn't news. If you can't produce any proof to back up your wild claims of water making the frogs gay, then you're probably wrong.

And if talking about gay frogs is one of the least-crazy things to ever come out of your mouth, then you know you're a pretty epic nutjob. 

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Mrs. Dash

There is an endless world of spices out there guys. Please use something other than Mrs. Dash to make your meals a little more interesting. You'll thank yourself.

At the very least, branch out to different pre-mixed seasoning blends. Maybe it's time for Mrs. Dash to meet Tony Chachere. 

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Complaining About Political Correctness

Oh no! We have to treat people who are different from us with the basic respect that every human deserves! What kind of millennial liberal garbage is this?

It's not that political correctness isn't obnoxious, it's that what you consider politically correct is way out of whack. 

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum floors may have looked nice for the first few years, but over time they become warped and faded. But even at its best, linoleum barely looked like more than a thin piece of plastic covering your floors. 

Just like most Baby Boomer trends, linoleum floors didn't age well. Just get wood or tile flooring.

Conspiracy Theories

Repeat after me: The National Enquirer is full of conspiracy theories and lies. So is Alex Jones and Fox News.

But what do I know? I've never taken colloidal silver and I'm not afraid of 5G. 

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Sure! Let's pay double or triple for pyramid scheme makeup instead of buying good stuff from Sephora or even the better cheap stuff from the drugstore.

And whatever you do, don't invite me to your parties! I'm not buying what you're selling! 

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Gendered Everything

Unpopular opinion time! Colors don't have genders. Girls and boys can do whatever they want or play with whatever they want as long as they're safe, and it makes them happy. Gendering is sexist, and it's time to move past the '50s.

At the very least, we need to pick new gendered colors. No one likes those sickeningly sweet pinks and blues. 

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The most boring sport in the world that has stupid outfits, hurts your back, and is really only played to show off your status? No, thanks. We'll pass.

Golf is barely fun to play, much less watch. We're not sure how this industry stays afloat. 

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Too Many Throw Pillows

If your guests are drowning in throw pillows, then you have too many.

Unless you're having pillow fights on the reg, a couple is probably enough for most people. If your seating is more pillow than couch, you've gone too far. 

Giving Retail Workers a Hard Time

I won't even be nice about this one. Screaming at retail workers because your coupon is expired or you think something is too expensive is such bullcrap. Behave like an adult. They're humans too.

And even if you don't care about other people's feelings, from a practical standpoint, being a jerk is a terrible way to get what you want. 

Transition Lenses

Maybe these are convenient, but they just look...ridiculous. Not to mention, it takes them forever to actually transition from outside to inside lighting, which can be dangerous depending on where you are. Just invest in some prescription sunglasses! They'll look better and cost about the same.

Just invest in some prescription sunglasses! They'll look better and cost about the same.

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