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45 Most Hilarious Photos from the Gym

It's important to stay hydrated when working out.

Whether that was on purpose or not, it looks like it hurt.

I'm sure he's dreaming of working out.

Taking "I Live at the Gym" to a Whole New Level

Gotta get them started early.

Because Everyone Needs a Mint Condition Treadmill

Sure, there's nothing safe about hoverboards and booze in the gym, but he sure looks cool...

Looks just about as empty as when it was a church...

Idiotic or Genius? Only you can decide.

Hey, I'm Willing to Be Humiliated if it Gets Me Out of Work

Just keep focusing on how cute this is and not how it's incredibly dangerous.

Hey, what people want to do in the privacy of the gym is their business...

This is painfully true.

I'm sure reading burns a few calories too.

Why buy a bed when a yoga mat will do?

Who needs Photoshop?

Whatever it takes to get motivated.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a perfectly timed screenshot!

So is this a workout session or an exorcism?

The inevitable lawsuit probably won't be as cute as the kid...

That moment when you regret your decisions...

In case there's any confusion: this is not okay.

Even superheroes have to watch their figure.

This is stressful to even look at.

Wouldn't that just make things harder?

He's not lying!

The perfect gym playlist is essential.

Some people are never off the clock.

Safety first!

Now that's a dad who knows how to multitask.

This man really believes your brain is a muscle.

Those machines are pretty complicated...

No excuses!

The soda is crazy, but the hat is unforgivable.

We can't get enough of pointless products.

He's defying gravity.

I'm no expert, but that doesn't look right...

At least they're not making unrealistic promises.

Looks can be deceiving.

Who needs fancy workout equipment?

That seems safe.

Talk about bad timing...

Betrayed by the mirror.

Those darn New Year's resolutions...