Surprising Celebrities Who Don't Believe in God

One of the oldest questions since the beginning of time is whether there is a God or not watching over us. While we're not here to debate the answer to that philosophical question one way or the other, many people may be interested to know which side of the divide their favorite celebrity is on. Though it can be a touchy subject, many people are just curious whether others believe in the same things that they do.

It's not uncommon for someone in America to have been reared in a religious household, and if you've ever watched an award show, you have undoubtedly heard a winner thank God at some point. Some of the celebs on this list, however, simply never were raised as part of a religious family. That has continued on into their adult life. For others, they have decided not to follow organized religion for various personal reasons.

Granted, not every one of these celebs is an outright atheist. Some are agnostic, and others choose to hold spiritual (but not religious) beliefs that would be described as a nontraditional interpretation of a higher power. Hopefully, they can explain their belief systems for themselves in their own words.

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