The 30 Most Annoying TV Characters of All Time

The 30 Most Annoying TV Characters of All Time. How many times have you found yourself fastforwarding through a scene of your favorite show or, in the days before DVRs, changing the channel for just a few seconds in hopes of avoiding that one character whose frustrating ways endangered your well-earned and much-needed loafing? There’s always that one character that makes you want to roll your eyes or at least take a bathroom break. Sometimes it’s even the main character. But you watch on, knowing the next scene will pay off and it will be awhile before you’re once again cringing away from your TV screen.

In many cases, the show wouldn’t be the same without that distraction. You need a little comedic interference to break up the drama or a poorly presented joke to interrupt an intense interaction. The Nanny wouldn’t be the Nanny without Fran’s nasally voice, and Friends wouldn’t be Friends without Ross and his many friends! How I Met Your Mother based its entire show around its most annoying character. You could probably name that one aunt, uncle, or cousin that semi-spoiled your family gathering, but you’re secretly glad they broke the ice!

From their outrageous and over-the-top personalities to their painfully unpleasant voices, here are 30 of TV’s most annoying characters of all time. We all know them, not all of us love them. And even though, for some of these shows, it’s been a long time since their original airing, entertainment mediums such as streaming services and YouTube make it possible for younger generations to do a bit of television time traveling so beware of spoilers!    

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