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Your Best and Worst Character Traits, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius's Best Trait: Humanitarian

Aquarians do their best to make the world a better place. They thrive helping the underprivileged and providing to the needy. Typically, Aquarians love everyone, and want to make sure that everyone has the same rights.

Aquarius people have a natural love for nature, so they tend to contribute to it as much as they possibly can. They are always thinking about how they can make things better and how to make the world work more efficiently and effectively. 

Aquarius's Worst Trait: Impulsive

This air sign is an independent thinker and not afraid to go against the grain. Taken to the extreme, this sometimes manifests as a tendency to act impulsively, which can aggravate more grounded signs.

Aquarius people tend to make sudden and rash decisions. Once they make up their mind, they will take action immediately. 

Pisces's Best Trait: Compassionate

Pisces are known to be the most empathetic and compassionate of the zodiac signs. They tend to do whatever they can to make sure the people around them are happy and content. 

Pisces are incredibly in tune with the emotions of others. If they see someone upset, they will immediately want to know how they can help the situation. 

Pisces's Worst Trait: Need for Quality

Pisces can naturally recognize quality and have a hard time settling for any type inferiority in their lives. Unchecked, this can read as snobbish and elitist, while still coming from a place of good intentions.

The need for quality stems from their love of control. When things don't go their way they will act out. Make sure you are aware of these personality traits if you are dating a Pieses. 

Aries's Best Trait: Optimistic

The best trait of Aries people is their optimistic nature. An Aries is always positive even in the most difficult situations. They are always confident that things will work out for the better. 

Aries are often very inspirational and motivating due to their drive and sense of positivity. Their optimism and ambition is contagious. 

Aries's Worst Trait: Need to Win

A competitive nature is a defining quality of all fire signs, but Aries, in particular, can have an all-consuming drive to win. This competitiveness can sometimes drive the fun out of even the most low-key hangouts, and the words “sore loser” might get tossed around.

Everyone likes to win, but Aries are so competitive that they need to win every time. Aries are so competitive that they even compete with themselves. They are continually striving to be better than the previous day/week/year.

Taurus's Best Trait: Reliable

When things hit the fan, you definitely want to have a Taurus around. Taurus are known to be the most reliable and dependable of the zodiac signs. 

Taurus people are super dependable and reliable. You can count on them no matter what. When things get tough, expect your Taurus friends to swoop in and help you turn your day around. 

Taurus's Worst Trait: Need to Have Things Their Way

Those born under the sign of the bull can be awfully stubborn. Blessed with a reliable and steadfast nature, they have little tolerance for half-baked ideas and impulsiveness. They'll have a hard time compromising if either is present.

Stubborness and control go hand-in-hand, and they are seriously annoying traits. Taurus people hate to admit when they are wrong, which can cause serious conflict among friendships and relationships.

Gemini's Best Trait: Adventurous

Geminis are always up to take on a new adventure. They are constantly on the go and they are known to try anything once. 

Geminis bring excitement to any situation and are very outgoing people. If you are dating a Gemini, be prepared to try new things. They will certainly get you out of your comfort zone.


Gemini's Worst Trait: In Love with Love

Love and romance are never far behind a Gemini. Happiest when in a relationship, Geminis can sometimes disappear at first when with new partners. This can leave other friends feeling forgotten and left out.

Being in love with love can have its pros and it's cons. If you are dating a Gemini, you probably love it because they are super romantic. But if you are friends with a Gemini their romanticism may get old because you often get forgotten.  

Cancer's Best Trait: Loyal

Cancers are extremely loyal and caring people. They might even be the most loyal people you will ever come across. Cancers are supportive, empathetic, and are always there for family and friends. 

In addition to being loyal, Cancers are very protective of their loved ones. They don’t want to see their friends or family get hurt. Cancers will do whatever it takes to help the ones they love. They are very devoted to their friendships.


Cancer's Worst Trait: Emotional

Cancers lead with their emotional self and need to be able to express their emotions safely. This can often be seen as a sign of instability, and simple miscommunications can lead to big overreactions.

Cancers are very sensitive, as well. So when you mix sensitivity with emotional this can get a bit overwhelming for those around you. 

Leo's Best Trait: Charismatic

Leos are known to have a magnetic personality. They are able to connect with others on a personal level, making it extremely easy for them to make friends. 

Leos usually love being in the spotlight, which is good because others tend to watch their every move. Other zodiac signs are mesmerized by the Leos charismatic personality.


Leo's Worst Trait: Full of Themselves

Hard working and determined, those born under the sign of Leo are destined to accomplish a lot when they put their mind to it. Pride in their accomplishments is only natural, but an eagerness to talk about their success can seem like bragging to those who are unfamiliar with the work that went into it.

Leos are full of themselves, self-absorbed, and sometimes just downright conceited. If you are a Leo, make sure to take a step back and let others talk about themselves for a bit.

Virgo's Best Trait: Hardworking

Virgos are never going to do something just halfway. They are willing to get behind the scenes and put in some serious hard work. Virgos are often underrated because they don’t want to be rewarded for the work they put in. 

Virgos put a lot of effort in to be heavily involved in work and school. They know that the hard work they put in now will pay off in the future. 

Virgo's Worst Trait: Must be Organized

Virgos like to keep themselves busy, so staying organized is critical to them. They seriously thrive when they are able to keep their life and world organized. 

This need to stay organized can often come across as controlling to other signs and being forced to live in an often messy world can push some to the point of neurosis. 

Libra's Best Trait: Romantic

Libras are the most romantic of the zodiac signs. They have a fairy tale view of life, and they take love very seriously. 

Libras are especially good at making those they care about feel loved and special. They go out of their way to plan the perfect date, birthday party, or vacation for those they care about.

Libra's Worst Trait: Insecure

Libras are fun-loving and friendly to almost everyone they meet, but this genial attitude can be used to cover up some personal insecurities. By keeping a smile on their face, some Libras may not get the reassurance they need. 

Libras like everyone to be happy, and one of their biggest insecurities is making a wrong decision. Also, doubts about if their friends are being honest can cause them to push people away.

Scorpio's Best Trait: Passionate

Scorpios are born to live a life full of emotional extremes. They are driven by their passions, and they thrive on their passionate emotional nature.  

Because of how passionate Scorpios are, they can make you feel alive when you are around them. They pour their passion into everything they do, no matter what it is. 

Scorpio's Worst Trait: Won't Let Things Go

Scorpios are resourceful and intelligent and expect the same from their friends. They remember everything, so don't step on their toes!

When hurt Scorpios can have a hard time forgiving and can really hold a grudge. Even simple disagreements can turn into major deals if the source of the argument isn’t identified and appropriately dealt with.

Sagittarius's Best Trait: Open-minded

Sagittarians are open-minded individuals who are genuinely interested in learning about others. They can talk with any and everyone and enjoy trying to find common interests.

Sagittarians tend to be unbiased and try to be as unprejudiced as possible. They love trying new things, even if it’s something that intimidates them. 

Sagittarius's Worst Trait: Blunt

Honest to the core, those born under Sagittarius have no time for bull. They don’t delude themselves into seeing things any other way than they are and have no patience for others. This bluntness about facts obvious to the Sagittarius can take other signs by surprise and can lead to unintentional misunderstandings.   

This bluntness about facts obvious to the Sagittarius can take other signs by surprise and can lead to unintentional misunderstandings.   

Capricorn's Best Trait: Ambitious

A Capricorn is born to work hard and make their own way in the world. Capricorns are very ambitious and resourceful. 

Capricorns thrive under pressure and can typically fix any difficult situation on their own. They strive to succeed and will do nearly anything in order to achieve their goals. 

Capricorn's Worst Trait: Hard on Themselves

Their own worst critics, Capricorns can be extremely hard on themselves for their own perceived shortcomings. This can negatively affect their attitude and moods, leaving them feeling isolated and undesirable. This can illuminate frustrations in relationships with people they idolize, causing friction and awkwardness.   

Capricorns love to follow the rules and they particularly thrive on structure and organization. They overthink things, and beat themselves up over the smallest things. Lighten up, Capricorns.