little boy celebrating Easter

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Easter

Many people prepare in the weeks leading up to Easter by fasting during the Lenten season and practicing Lenten prayers, and when Easter Sunday arrives, millions celebrate in either traditional or unique ways (or a mixture of both).

A traditional Easter celebration usually starts with a special church service where family members wear their “Easter best.” Following the service, families usually participate in luncheons or potlucks, and the children enjoy Easter egg hunts with their friends and siblings. But there are some ways you can change things up and still honor the Christian holiday properly.

  1. Have some good, clean fun. 
    Organize a ‘game afternoon’ at your house or church where children and adults can play board, card, and outdoor games. Horseshoes is a unanimous crowd-pleaser.
  2. Plan some crafts for the kids.
    Children get bored easily so it’s wise to have fun things waiting for them. We reccomend these three easy crafts.
  3. Jazz up your egg hunt.
    Instead of doing the same ole egg hunt, shake things up a little by giving it a theme, some rules, or just by decorating your eggs in a new way. You can find some ideas here.
  4. Try a new meal plan.
    You've been doing the same Easter feast for years so why not try something new? You can keep some of the traditional foods everyone loves and introduce a couple of new desserts or sides. Our personal favorite Easter treat recipes can be found here. You've been fasting for a long time, and you deserve this.
  5. Make learning about Easter fun.
    To keep your family from forgetting the reason for celebrating have a trivia game. Put together some trivia cards with questions about Easter and Lent and gather everyone together after dinner. Skip score-keeping and give a treat for each correct answer.
Last Updated: March 31, 2015