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Mom Meets Daughter's Fiance, Then Discovers the Secret He'd Been Keeping From Her

The Girl Who Had it All

Heidi grew up seeming as if she had it all. She always had a smile on her face, she made friends easily, her family went on summer vacations annually, and she always did well in school. After high school, she chose to attend New Castle University for her college education.

Her goal was to graduate with a double major in management and economics. She lived on campus for the first year, but in her second year she decided to rent an apartment with roommates to save money.

A Chance Meeting

After a couple of years, Heidi had saved up enough money to get a place of her own. She stayed in her first apartment for a little over a year before she decided it was time to move on to a new place. Little did she know that decision would lead to meeting the love of her life!

When it was time, Heidi handed over her apartment keys to the new tenants, a pair of gentlemen. In the hustle and bustle of moving, she’d only met the pair briefly a handful of times. However, after a couple of weeks, Heidi received a phone call from one of those new tenants.

Laundry Lessons

Heidi’s old landlord had given him her number because the new tenants couldn’t figure out how to work the washing machine in the apartment. After laughing together about it, she told him that it might be easier to show him than to try and explain it over the phone.

When Heidi showed up, the gentleman apologized for his ineptitude, to which she laughed and told him she would teach him. He introduced himself as Ed, and after showing him a few times how to start the washer he finally had the steps figured out!

Getting to Know Each Other

Grateful for the help, Ed offered her a cup of coffee in return, which she accepted. After talking for a while, they realized that they had a lot in common. Ed also attended New Castle University, but because it was such a big campus, the two had never run into each other.

But the similarities did not stop there. They discovered they were both double majors; Eds majors being psychology and business. They decided then and there that they should meet another time and do something together besides laundry, so they set up a date.

Two Peas in a Pod

Ed and Heidi continued to see each other and became enamored with each other. They went on adventures like hiking and skiing. Little did they know this was just the beginning!

Not only did they share many of the same likes, but they also shared a lot of the same aversions. Heidi couldn’t contain her excitement about finding someone who seemed to fit her so perfectly, so she immediately told her mom, who was also one of her closest friends.

Taking it All in Stride

Kay, being a good friend and a great mother, was excited for Heidi, but she also held back a little, hoping Heidi wouldn’t get hurt.

Within a few months of dating, the two became attached at the hip. They enjoyed doing everything together! With college ending for them both soon, there was about to be a shift in their routine, but the couple was ready and excited for it!

Making Moves

Leaning on each other for support, they quickly found their footing in the work world and were off to the races! Heidi was hired on at Sony as a public relations manager and Ed decided to open his own coffee shop. Although both of their jobs were demanding, neither Ed nor Heidi ever lost their connection to the other.

With the time constraints due to their new careers, the two began to talk about moving in together. After saving up enough funds, they were able to get a place of their own.

Introducing the Parents

Because they were taking the next step in their relationship, Ed and Heidi decided it was time for their parents to meet. They invited their mothers to see the new house together and the two seemed to get along great! Both Kay and Fiona (Ed’s mother) seemed to approve of the relationship and wished each of them the best.

Fiona and Kay were excited for both of their children, but they were also getting along so well that it almost felt as if they already knew each other. Everything went smooth until the two families started to share their travel stories. This was when Kays gut feeling kicked in again.

European Memories

Kay then told a story about a trip they took to Europe when Heidi was a child. On this particular vacation they had traveled to Gumbet, Turkey, where Heidi had met another boy her age that was also on vacation. Within a short time, Heidi was calling him her boyfriend.

When Kay asked her daughter what her new boyfriends name was, she had replied, Ed”. Although the current Ed was not thrilled to hear that he wasn’t the first Ed in Heidis life, he took it in stride. After sharing the story, Heidi and Ed decided it to share the great news with their parents.

The Engagement

They were getting married! Both parents were delighted to hear about the happiness their children had found, but something in the back of Kays mind wouldn’t stop trying to tell her something.

One day, Kay was clearing out one of her rooms packed with memorabilia when she came across what her mind had been trying to tell her. Finding a photo album from the family’s Turkey vacation, she picked it up and blew off the dusty pages.

The Truth Revealed

It didn’t take her long to flip through to the photo she had been searching for. Her gut instinct had been right all along. The little boy that Heidi called her boyfriend in Turkey was, in fact, the same boy all grown up that she now called her fiancé. Finding additional photos of the pair together, there was now no doubt that the two Eds were one and the same.

Truth in hand, Kay immediately contacted Fiona to share the news and Fiona was tickled. Once she saw the pictures of the children together, the memories of their own vacation in Turkey came flooding back. It was now time to share the news and photos with Ed and Heidi.

A Fairytale Ending

Heidi and Ed had always known that theyd had a special connection, but they never guessed how special it really was. Fate seemed to work in mysterious ways, and they felt blessed to have found each other again. Now the wedding day couldn’t come soon enough!

Fate, sometimes cruel and unforgiving, can also be giving and kind. Happily Ever After is a fairytale ending that most of us stop believing in when we grow up, so let this story be a reminder to you that fairytales really do come true.