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10 Autumn Decor Trends You'll Fall in Love With

Use faux antlers to decorate.

Now, we’re not talking about hanging up deer heads everywhere. Faux antlers are actually stunning when paired with neutral decorations and candles. Arrange these items together on a table or your kitchen island for a unique look. It will be much more engaging than a group of pumpkins.

Use corn kernels to add color and texture.

Dried corn kernels are an excellent way to acknowledge that fall is the season for harvest. You can use kernels as fillers in candle votives to add muted color. Layer different colored kernels and top with a candle for a subtle and clean fall decoration.

Try a neutral color palette.

It’s typical for fall decorations to be all about orange and golden yellow to reflect the changing leaves, but neutrals will make more of a statement. Creams, browns, and grays are relaxing and are easier to transition from fall to winter. 

Incorporate burlap.

Burlap is appropriate year round, but it goes particularly well with fall decor. Burlap runners or door wreaths are easy to make and can be combined with any color scheme. The best part is burlap can be used during the winter months as well, so all you’ll need to do is swap out the complimentary decorations.

String twinkle lights with loose branches.

This is an easy and cheap decor option! Gather some branches from your yard and place them in a tall vase, drum, or other cylinder. Then string some twinkle lights through the branches. You can surround the base with pumpkins, pinecones, or other festive signs of the season. These twinkling branches can also be kept out through the Christmas season.

Make it cozy with chunky knits and yarn.

The weather is getting cooler, which is the perfect opportunity to make your home extra cozy. Chunky knit blankets tossed over your couch are extra inviting, and using yarn to decorate candle holders or door wreaths adds to the ambiance.

Try a vase of wheat instead of flowers.

Since it’s harvest season, decorate with wheat. It’s a soft decoration that you won’t have to worry about. Place bundles in tall vases and spread them throughout your home. Of course, you can combine them with groups of pumpkins for an eye-catching ensemble.

Add burgundy to your color scheme.

Burgundy is a more subdued fall color than orange, and it’s still a nod to the changing leaves. Add the color in punches around your home to break up the orange and yellow, or combine it with neutrals for warm, calm look.

Use logs for a rustic vibe.

Logs tend to be overlooked when it comes to fall decor, but they’re perfect for creating a outdoorsy theme. You can either keep the bark on them or strip it for lighter look. Place candles on top to make them into candle holders or simply leave them bare to add height to your table decorations. When Christmas time arrives, you can keep them out and place ornaments on top.

Add plaid.

If you can wear plaid during the fall, you can decorate with it too. Plaid table runners, blankets, or pillows are easy ways to incorporate this pattern. You can also wrap pumpkins in plaid fabric to add texture to your porch decorations.