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21 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Maximum Happiness

Create a Statement Entryway

The entryway is the first thing that you and guests see when coming into your home, so you should strive to make a great first impression. There are dozens of ways you can dress up your entryway. We personally like adding a chic, colorful table. A bench is also a great option if it's where you have your family or guests take off their shoes. 

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Of course, don't forget the accessories! It can be the most fun part of any decorating experience. You can add a lamp or two, framed photos, or a 'catch-all' basket for keys and other personal items. This also gives you a fantastic chance to express your personality. You could add a painting that you particularly love and make it a conversation starter when anyone enters your home. 

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Spruce Up an Outdoor Room

Having an outdoor room, such as a sun room or a closed-in porch, can provide an oasis of sunshine and flowers any time of the year.

This is also a great place for your indoor pet to find happiness, too! Animals will love rolling around in sunshine and soaking up the rays.

Display Sentimental Items

If you have a special photo that you adore, don’t settle for just posting it on Facebook! Print it out and display it on your mantle or countertop for all to see.

Passing by the photo on a regular basis will instantly brighten your day, and you’ll give your guests a chance to reflect on fond memories you may have shared.

Find Fresh Flowers

When you can’t be outside, bring it inside! Fresh flowers add a lovely scent and visual pop to any area of your home that will have you smiling all day.

If you don't want to fuss with keeping fresh flowers alive or buying new ones every so often, opt for silk flowers!

Perk Up Small Spaces

If you have a small half-bath or reading nook in your house, it will take extra effort to spruce it up. One way to do this is to use a bold, graphic wallpaper or print.

Then, pull some of the colors out of the graphic and accessorize with them. You’ll have a put-together space in no time!

Opt for Neutral Seating

It can be tempting to make a statement by adding a bold-patterned sofa to your living room, but this attempt may not have the cheery effect you were hoping for. Bold or busy furniture has a tendency to make a room look and feel heavier, so you’re better off sticking to a neutral tones here. Instead, make a bold statement with throw pillows or curtains.

Instead, make a bold statement with your accessories. Choose one or two colors or patterns and add a throw pillow here and a painting or framed poster there!

Invest in a Bookshelf

A bookshelf provides a talking point, as well as a place to store all your favorite stories. This will provide you with entertainment to keep your home a peaceful and happy place.

This is also a great place to store all your little knick knacks and sentimental items without cluttering up your space too much (because clutter does not = happiness).

Liven Up Your Space with Plants

If all else fails, breathe some life into your home (literally). By taking care of a mini succulent garden or a collection of herbs, you will feel more connected to nature.

Plus, with living organisms in it, how can your home not feel more alive?. If you don’t have a green thumb, choose plants that are easy to take care of, like aloe or jade. 

Try Colorful Accents

Neutral furniture needs a counterpart, which is where colorful accents come in. Adding pops of color can liven up your home and create pieces to talk about during dinner parties.

It's important not to go crazy with color though; stick to one or two colors and sprinkle them tastefully throughout your home.

Place Items in Unexpected Locations

If you want to put a spontaneous smile on your guests’ faces, you can place unique items and collectibles in unexpected locations. For example, if you have a beautiful collection of ceramic figurines or nesting dolls, arrange them at the bottom of your staircase or in your bathroom. Guests will have no choice but to pause and admire them! 

Just make sure you put them in good unexpected locations; your guests don't want a creepy doll staring them down in the bathroom!

Try a Photo Wall

Having ample photos of your friends and family around is proven to make you a happy person, and thus your home happier.

Whether you choose to hang your wedding pictures or pictures or your children and/or grandchildren, this wall is sure to be a conversation piece for guests!

Don't Forget Aromatherapy

To reach peak happiness, all senses need to be accounted for. Pleasant scents, such as lavender, cotton, and vanilla can help make your guests feel a little more elated.

You can also have fun with seasonal scents; start burning your fall candles in September and your spring scents in March to really get in the spirit of the season!

Embrace Fresh Paint Colors

Science shows that yellow and green are the best wall colors for a happy home. They create a sense of cleanliness and earthliness.

You may not want these colors in your living room; your bathroom is a tucked-away place that you (probably) visit a lot, so it's a great place to experiment with color!

Create Contrast

Take contrast beyond the realm of colors! If you want real visual interest, you need to contrast textures. For example, you can create a blend of old and new in your kitchen by placing antique wooden chairs around a modern marble or wooden table. 

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By combining these different pieces, your home will never feel out of style!

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Go Wild with Wall Art

Whether you go for clean and simple or bright and colorful, wall art that brings a smile to your face will add a little more joy to your home.

With your wall art, it's important to make sure that the type of art coordinates; for example, several framed posters or prints together works nicely. If you have a canvas, place that somewhere on its own (or with a wall mirror).

Opt for Minimal Window Coverings

More light equals a happier home. By having minimal window coverings, you can let as much light into your home as possible.

Plenty of natural light is also great for selfie-taking!

Pick Round Furniture

Modern home design often incorporates hard lines. While this style looks chic, it can also come across as cold and uninviting. 

To counter this, you can style your home with curved furniture, such as a round ottoman or an oval coffee table. The soft lines will make your home feel more welcoming to you and your guests. 

Cut Loose with a Bar Cart

People are generally their happiest when they are having a good time with friends. A bar cart can help you do this more easily, efficiently, and stylishly in your home.

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Plus, bar carts generally don't take up much space. Again, less clutter = more happiness!

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Embrace the Color White

People have a tendency to avoid painting rooms white because they think it looks too institutional, but this hue can really brighten up a room. White reflects light very well, so it can make a small room look significantly larger.

Then, you’re free to add in some pops of color without worrying about clashing with your paint choice.

Choose Flattering Colors

When choosing colors for your home, you should consider more than just an overall theme. You should also think about your personal features to ensure that your color choices flatter you.

For example, you may buy a lilac chair or throw pillow to spice up the room and bring out your green eyes. This will instantly boost your self-esteem!

Sound Proof Your Walls

By sound proofing commonly used areas of your home, there won’t be ambient noise to ruin your happy times!


This is especially helpful if you have noisy teenagers...