40 "Tacky" Home Decor Trends That Are Actually Fine

People just love to hate on things that are popular or "mainstream," and unfortunately, some really great home decor trends get unfairly judged because of how trendy they are. We've all heard that one person that hates a trend just because they see it everywhere whether it looks good or not! However, we do have to say that when you're decorating your home, you're decorating your home. This means choosing the colors, patterns, and furniture that you love, not what someone in a magazine said was ugly or overused. After all, you're the one who will have to live with your home decor choices for years to come. So, forget what society says and decorate your home however you want to—even if that includes shabby chic dressers, patterned sofas, shag carpet, DIY décor, or “old-fashioned” oak cabinets! Your home should reflect your taste and style (and/or your family’s), and no one else’s. If you love the look of repurposed alcohol bottles on Pinterest, then nothing should stop you from using them as glasses or flower vases.

The following 40 home decor trends have been deemed "tacky" by the masses, but we say they're actually totally fine. Click through to begin the slideshow—and then get to decorating your home the way YOU want to! If anyone says otherwise, then they can get glad in the same shoes they got mad in!

Disclaimer: If you're here looking for us to justify your Chevron obsession, you're in the wrong place. First of all, Chevron rarely looks good anymore. Some trends, like Chevron, truly are tacky, and we would never, ever, ever advise using it in your home, or anywhere, else, ever. Second of all, Chevron hasn’t even been trendy in several years. You will not find Chevron on this list. Sorry, not sorry.

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