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40 "Tacky" Home Decor Trends That Are Actually Fine

Patterned Sofas

Choosing a cute patterned sofa is a great way to liven up your living room, especially if you stick to just one or two colors for the rest of your home decor. Just pair neutral-colored pillows and throws to go with it so your color scheme doesn't get out of control!

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Animal Print Accents

Not all animal prints are created equally. Zebra print IS tacky and the only acceptable time to decorate with it is while you're living in a college dorm. Leopard print, however, is for mature adults who still want a bit of flare. Leopard print is timeless.

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Cheesy Photo Frames

It might be considered childish to have photo frames with funny sayings or wacky decoration on the edges, but who cares? Those photos are your memories and if you want to remember that moment in a wacky frame, that’s up to you! 

Shag Carpet

Shag has a bad rap because people were literally obsessed with it in the '70s and carpeted entire rooms with it. However, a nice, neutral-colored shag rug can add a touch of glamour to any room.

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Monochromatic Color Scheme

You really like blue? Decorate exclusively in blue. You're Type A and love everything looking white and clean? Go for it. No one says you have to mix colors and patterns. This is your home, decorate accordingly. (Plus, the more white in your home the more airy it will look.)

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Silk Flowers

For some reason, everyone's obsessed with buying fresh flowers for their home. But you know what? Real flowers die. Silk flowers are forever.

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Cat Decor

Showing your love of cats has never been easier since being a crazy cat lady became trendy. It may seem tacky to have cat figurines, paintings, and patterns all over your home, but if you watch out for clashing colors and patterns then, this trend can also be quite tasteful. 

DIY Decor

Maybe your DIY decor won't look as high-end as something you bought at Crate & Barrel, or even Target. But it's a great feeling to be able to tell your guests that the starburst mirror they think is so beautiful was actually hand-crafted by you. It adds a nice, homey touch to your home.

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Eccentric Patterns

Just like with fashion, forget the stupid rule that you can't mix patterns. Mix as many patterns as you want! Especially if you have neutral-colored furniture, your throw pillows and blankets can be whatever pattern or color you like. At least your home won't be boring!

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Are recliners ugly? Yes. But they're super comfy, so what's more important to you? Plus, recliners with cuter patterns and builds are starting to come out, so it's not totally hopeless to find one that doesn't ruin your living room's aesthetic.

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Frosted Glass

If you just really don't like the idea of your storage being on display, invest in frosted glass cabinets. Frosted glass is also a great option for showers.

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Hanging Plants

While it may be easier to place plants on shelves and counter tops, hanging plants from your ceiling is just plain FUN. Plus, it's a great solution if you have cats or dogs who eat everything in sight.

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Oak Cabinets

In a black-or-white cabinet world, it's perfectly fine to have oak cabinets. As home decor gets more and more "modern," oak cabinets are seen as outdated; but with the right knobs, backsplash, and appliances, oak cabinets can be every bit as chic.

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Throw Pillows

It’s easy to bash on people who love to decorate with throw pillows, especially when the patterns and colors clash with the rest of the decor. However, even a mountain of throw pillows can be cute—as long as you leave some room on the couch for people to sit on.

White Decor and Furniture

I will never forget the time I walked into a furniture store and asked the sales clerk to point me to the white dressers. He gave me a strange look and told me that the only white furniture they had was for children, as adults only buy dark wood. But one look on Pinterest, and you'll know this dude is dead wrong. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't buy for your home; white furniture and decor is always chic.

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Fringe Accents

Fringe may be a bit outdated when it comes to fashion, but it's just now becoming a major trend in home decor. Decorate your walls with fringe tapestries of all different colors!

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Memory Boards

Memory boards are a classic way to display pictures, small mementos— like movie stubs, holiday cards, and so much more. Sure, you might not want to have a memory board in your dining room, but your bedroom or craft room is the perfect place for one! 

String Lights

This trendy lighting decor idea gets criticized for belonging only in a dorm room. These sparkly, whimsical lights shouldn’t just belong to college kids! Everyone loves ambient lighting, so go ahead and put some string lights around your bedpost or windows, or anywhere else your heart desires.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is kind of like cilantro—you either love it or you hate it.  For those who hate it, chill; no one's going to take over your living room and chip all your paint. For those who love it, just make sure you don't get carried away. Distressed furniture is kind of like distressed jeans; a few little rips are cute, but you don't want your jeans to have so many rips they're practically falling off.

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Bean Bags

Bean bags were super cool back in the '90s, but for some reason they are severely underappreciated today.  If you just really don't like them, there are other options, like ottomans and poufs that can be equally as comfy. But it's a great addition for a little reading nook.

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Posters of cars or shirtless dudes taped to the wall in a dorm room = tacky. Posters vintage bands or movies framed and placed carefully on a wall = classic.  It's all in the details.

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Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is right up there with mason jars on the list of "tacky" Pinterest home decor trends, but it's actually super helpful for families. You can create chore charts, coordinate schedules, keep track of appointments, etc. This trend is cute AND functional, so it stays.

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Visible Storage

Most people think they need to hide all of their clutter, but there are actually super cute ways of organizing it out in the open. From spice racks to shelving, the possibilities are endless. (Seriously, just look it up on Pinterest; the options will overwhelm you.)

One of the easiest ways to keep this style from looking too messy is to place items within matching containers. Similarly, if you are displaying plates and dishes on open shelves, keep them the same color to keep things from clashing and looking busy. A collection of brightly colored plates and bowls are a perfect accent for a white kitchen. You’ll also want to purchase higher-quality items; no one will be impressed by your collection of disposable dishware.

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Inspirational Quotes

Going overboard with inspirational quote blocks and canvas prints can be tacky, but a couple of quotes that really speak to you can really make a house a home. Motivational quotes can also be great in an office.

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Faux Fur

I have absolutely no clue why faux fur became a "tacky" home decor trend, because it's absolutely the perfect way to glam up your living space. Between faux fur rugs and faux fur throws and pillows, I'll take everything faux fur, please.

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Floral Patterns

Floral patterns have always had a bad rap for being old-fashioned, but they're coming back into style. Find one piece of furniture with a bright, retro floral pattern, and it'll really liven the place up.

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Gallery Wall

While a gallery wall can look tacky and cluttered when done the wrong way (aka throwing up a bunch of random stuff on a wall with no color scheme or organization), it's a nice, homey touch if you know what you're doing. It's a great way to display family photos, children's paintings, and hand-picked art pieces.

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Using Alcohol Bottles as Decor

While it is tacky to display an ever-growing collection of wine, tequila, and beer bottles (and again, something that is only acceptable during your college years), there are so many other ways you can decorate with them. Collect your corks in a jar or glass bowl; paint your wine bottles and make them into vases for your fresh (or silk) flowers. There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest!

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Dark Wall Color

Many people are under the false impression that dark walls—like black, navy, or dark green—can darken your space and make it look cold. But it can actually make all the difference between a boring room and an elegant one (especially if you decorate with gold or silver accents). Plus, if you don't want to paint all the walls of one room dark, just choose one. Accent walls are HUGE right now.

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Mismatched Furniture

You have the comfy, overstuffed recliner in the corner, a hand-painted coffee table, a leather couch, and maybe even an ottoman with a funky pattern. Whatever it looks like, your home furnishings are exactly your style. So what if it doesn’t match? You do you!

Mason Jars

People use mason jars for many things like drinking cups or flower vases. This trend has taken off, and now these jars are often painted and covered in ribbon. These quirky jars can easily be a fun accent piece in your home, especially if they’ve been decorated.

Cliché Art

Having prints or posters of world-famous paintings like Starry Night or The Big Wave has been considered unoriginal and tacky for a long time. It shouldn’t matter, though. Those paintings have been loved and admired for centuries, so why can’t you have your own to look at?

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Shot Glass Collections

Much like having old alcohol bottles lining the shelves, having a collection of quirky or commemorative shot glasses gets called immature a lot. If you keep your shot glasses in a cabinet with the rest of your adult drinkware, you’ll look sophisticated and organized instead. Plus, displaying your commemorative shot glasses is a fun way to show off all of the cool places you’ve been.

Photo Strings

Just like string lights, this decor trend gets bashed for looking tacky and childish. However, photo strings are the perfect way to show off pictures in a casual, fun way—and it’s super easy to change out the photos for new ones without having to bother with frames! 

Naked Windows

I know, I know—curtains can make a room. But you can make an even bolder statement without them.

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Vinyl Wall Decals

We’ve all seen the wall stickers saying “Live, Laugh, Love,” and we’re also all aware of how cliché that phrase has become. Whether or not you’re a fan of those inspirational quotes, you can get a huge variety of vinyl wall decals from full-color images, artsy line work, or even your favorite animal to decorate your home. It’s your house, you can do what you want!

IKEA Furniture

IKEA gets a bad rap for selling starter furniture that’s affordable, but what’s wrong with that? IKEA has a lot of fun, kitschy items mixed in with even more practical, standard furniture. There’s truly something for everyone’s tastes, and you get the added life experience of putting together your own furniture. 

Sassy Sayings

People like to hate on having fun, quippy sayings splashed around your house whether it be on posters, throw pillows, or as wall decals. But if you’re sassy, why shouldn’t you express it in your home? Keep calm and decorate on.


Decorating with signs can be tacky if you just throw them up on the wall without any regard for color scheme or organization. Road signs, vintage signs, and even custom-made signs can be great ways to spice up any decor—as long as you know what you’re doing.

Hollywood Mirror Lights

These lights get called tacky, but who doesn’t want to feel glamorous when they look in the mirror? The bright, funky bulbs are a great way to get good lighting for doing your hair and makeup while making you feel like a movie star.