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40 Ways to Incorporate Classic Decor Trends Into Your Home

Chrome Appliances

The next time you’re searching for a new toaster or Kitchenaid mixer, consider something with a chrome finish. This bold, dark metal looks sleeker than stainless steel, so we would love to see more people embrace it in their homes. Plus, the silver hue always looks good no matter the decade—which is good because if you're investing in your kitchen as you should be, you should always steer clear of trendy touches.

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Shag Rugs

Shag rugs saw a rise in popularity in the 1960s but haven’t been as common in recent years. We hope shag rugs stage a comeback because they add a cozy touch to any room, especially if the rest of your home is ultra modern.

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Graphic Floors

Wild, graphic floors were all the rage in the 1970s, and we could definitely see them being a hit now. If you had a black and white-printed floor in your bathroom, you would have no need for another focal point. You could decorate with simple style and the room would still look stunning!

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Tan Leather

While you probably don’t want a tan leather sofa in your home, a tan leather chair or ottoman would add a nice, vintage touch. Having that one unexpected piece in your home will make it look like you hired an interior designer!

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Patterned Sofas

Most of the patterned sofas from the 1980s weren’t exactly stylish, but we think it’s worth it to revisit the idea with a more modern design. A sofa with a subtle herringbone or stripe pattern would add some new life to your living room, especially when paired with a couple of solid-colored throw pillows. 

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Just because the '80s messed up and polished brass, it doesn’t mean that brass can’t look good in your home. Opt for brass fixtures that are burnished or antiqued. You will not be disappointed!

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Large Window Treatments

Many people are forgoing window treatments altogether, but they are forgetting that a large curtain can act as a perfect accent wall. Choose one with a subtle pattern, and it will literally shine on sunny days.

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Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Hardwood floors and stained concrete are great for common areas, but who wants that where they sleep? Carpet instantaneously makes a room feel homier, so don’t be afraid to put a neutral colored carpet in your bedroom.

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White Kitchens

White kitchens look polished and modern, so stop covering your kitchen in dark wood and black countertops! Lighten it up a bit and completely change the feel of your home.

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Wardrobes went out of style because of their burdensome size. However, there are plenty of options for sleek, modern wardrobes today. They can provide extra clothing storage and become a statement piece.

Plush Sofas

Plush sofas with velvet fabric were the ideal piece of living room furniture in the 1920s. Today, tufted, velvet sofas can add a touch of glamour to any modern home.

In-Kitchen Dining

Our on-the-go, modern lifestyles have led to a decline in kitchen table meals. In-kitchen dining can make dining at home easier and more elegant!

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Colorful Kitchen Appliances

Something like a light blue fridge can add a pop of color to your modern, white kitchen and create a vintage vibe in your home.

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Thanks to laptops and phones, desks have started to go out of style. However, vintage desks can create a great statement piece and can be used for a variety of things. Modern desks are great for a minimalist look, if that's more your style.

China Displays

China cabinets may no longer be the most popular way to display gorgeous vintage china today. However, hooks on a feature wall or floating shelves are a great way to combine modern with vintage.

Bar Carts

Displaying your alcohol out in the open can be taboo and creates a lot of clutter. Having a bar cart you can tuck away is more practical and will give your home a retro feel. 

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Complementary Color Schemes

These color schemes help you keep your home sleek and modern without voiding all color. Pale yellow and purple can create a pastel look that feels both modern and vintage at the same time. 

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Metal Wall Decor

Sometimes chunky, metal wall décor doesn’t quite fit in with modern, minimalist looks. However, a metal letter or shape with lights in it can be a focal piece and provide unique lighting to any room.

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Lavish Bathroom Decor

Nowadays, we love our lavish baths. Why not make the rest of the bathroom more lavish, as well? A fancy shower curtain and gold vanity will create the perfect atmosphere for your next bubble bath. 


Classic Artwork

For a while, classic artwork was out, which is a mistake. The Birth of Venus, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Whistler’s Mother, and other top-tier pieces are famous for a reason. They’re stunning and bring a room together. 

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Whatever happened to molding? Sleek designs became super popular, so clean edges were pushed away pretty hard. Molding is a simple way to dress up a room, a window, or a doorway without putting a ton of work into it.

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Gilded Mirrors

Gilded mirrors scream classic décor—in a good way. Putting a gilded mirror in the entryway is both functional and beautiful. Alternatively, gilded mirrors also look great above mantles. 

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Clawfoot Tubs

Bathrooms have had a major overhaul lately. Among all the changes, clawfoot tubs should return. While standard bathtubs are fine, claw tubs have a way of making a person feel luxurious. Get a clawfoot tub, light a few candles, and relax for a few in a skin-moisturizing bath. 

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Marble Mantels

Lately, the trending thing is to use natural stone or brick for your fireplace mantel. While this looks beautiful, marble mantels are ten times better. Plus, marble mantels tend to have a longer life compared to natural stone.

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Marble or Stone Busts

Looking for décor options? Get marble or stone busts! There are tons of styles from classic Aztec to Greek. Plus, busts come in a variety of sizes, so you don’t have to dedicate a large space to one piece of décor.

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Velvet-Covered Chairs

Velvet is one of the most comfortable fabrics out there. We suggest going with velvet-covered seating in a place where it won’t get dirty quickly since this fabric can be tough to clean. That being said, it looks incredible next to natural wood and metal.

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Covered Sofas

Covered sofas are good for two reasons. The first reason is that you can change the cover whenever you want to alter the style of your home. It’s a lot cheaper to replace the cover than the entire couch. The second reason is that covered sofas are so much easier to clean. 

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Antique Rugs

If you have hardwood floors, you need a rug. Plain rugs are fine, but antique rugs seriously need a comeback. You know the ones we’re talking about: the ones that have ornate designs, intense colors, and durable weaving. 

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Black or Ivory Cabinet Fixtures

Black and ivory cabinet fixtures can upgrade a home pretty quickly. Instead of going with a classic floral design that you might see in the ’60s, go with a more modernized design with these colors.

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Polished Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have a luxurious beauty few other materials can match. A benefit of using granite over something else is that it’s sturdy, scratch-resistant, and resists heat. The downside is that it’s expensive. 

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Wishbone Chairs

Wishbone chairs were designed in the ’50s. The design is minimalistic, and that’s perfect for homes nowadays that support this trend. Get a statement piece with a couple of wishbone chairs, and you’re made in the shade. 

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Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds fell out of favor a while ago—another victim of the minimalistic trend. Personally, we think they should come back because they’re super classy.

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With the technology age, most people abandoned their encyclopedias and other reference books for a laptop, but they’re still great to decorate with.

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Chaise Lounges

Chaise lounges are elegant, formal, and stylish. Today’s version of chaise lounges is even more comfortable than the classic designs, so you can still get the traditional look with a modern twist.

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Washstands are excellent for large and small bathrooms. For small bathrooms, it drops the bulky vanity in place of an open design, making the room seem bigger. For larger bathrooms, it allows you to add stylish cabinets and décor.

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Fauteuil is an open-armed chair that has an exposed wooden frame. They’re fantastic for making a room look larger, thanks to the legs and lifted design. They come in a variety of styles, too, so it can go with nearly any living room. 

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Art Deco Geometric Designs

Art Deco got booted to the curb pretty hard, but we should revisit the geometric designs. Today, modernized geometric designs are getting popular, so why not get Art Deco back on track?

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Small Secretary Desks

Small secretary desks are fantastic home office solutions for small spaces. Now that laptops are more common than desktops, you can set one of these babies up in a corner and use it as needed.

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Florals should make a comeback, but not the classic type that makes you think “old.” Chinoiserie is a beautiful type of floral that’s fantastic as a statement piece.

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Back in the day, houseplants were everywhere, but now? Now, homes are plant-less and boring. It’s time to bring the fern and pothos bask into homes.

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