40 Things You Should Never Buy at Walmart

40 Things You Should Never Buy at Walmart. Walmart is the best place for cheap stuff…or so we’ve been told. For years, we’ve heard that Walmart has lower prices than any competitor out there, but have we ever bothered to check? Most of us glance at the cost of something and notice that it could be cheaper elsewhere, but we usually forget how much it was by the time we get to the other store. Sometimes, we do remember, but going to ten different stores to buy stuff can be a bit of a hassle, especially if it's just for one item.

However, we did a little digging and discovered that Walmart isn’t the low-price haven it claims to be. There are actually a lot of products you shouldn’t buy there because it’s just cheaper elsewhere. Aldi, Costco, and Sam’s Club have cheaper items. Driving to different stores could play in your favor considering you could save a ton of money each year by shopping around. Think about it—we do it for everything else from planes to cars to homes. Why not our home goods and groceries?

That doesn’t even touch on the fact that some items you purchase from Walmart are downright horrible quality. The fruit is barely fresh and covered in gnats, and the furniture is begging to fall apart the moment you put it together.

Keep buying toilet paper at Walmart, since they somehow have the best, cheap toilet paper on the market, but avoid these 40 items next time you visit this store.

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