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40 Things You Should Never Buy at Walmart

“Fresh” Fruit

Walmart fruit is about what you would expect: questionably fresh and sometimes covered in gnats. So roll the dice if you want, it's only "sometimes" after all. 

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Anything Organic

Most shoppers know that organic products will cost more than their non-organic counterparts,  but Walmart has been known to bump up the price of these fancy products even more than other stores. So be sure to search elsewhere: you'll save money and you won't have to set foot in a Walmart. It's a win-win.

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Maple Syrup

You can find maple syrup that's higher quality and cheaper at other grocery stores. If you're looking for a lousy, high-fructose maple syrup knock-off, well that's another story...

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Store-Brand Supplements

Studies found that Walmart’s store-brand supplements have inconsistent amounts of vitamins and minerals. If you're looking to be inconsistently healthy, they might be right up your alley!

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Wrapping Paper

This is one instance where Walmart isn't cheap and low-quality enough. It's just wrapping paper--it's going in the garbage can as soon as you get it off. This sounds like a job for the dollar store. 

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You get what you pay for when it comes to furniture, and what you get at Walmart is a game of "Is this going to break?" Russian roulette every time you use their furniture. 

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Cheap, high-quality fish seems to be an elusive goal for Walmart. They have the cheap part down, but not so much the second half. 

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If you still buy magazines, don’t get them from Walmart. Because magazines are becoming rarer and rarer, the publishing company will likely have sales. You can save as much as 50% by going straight to the source. Barring that, a newsstand is the next best place to pick up a magazine.

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Walmart has a mix of low-quality no-name laptops and overpriced name-brand ones. Pick your poison--or shop online to find the name brands at lower prices. 

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Brand-Name Diapers

Brand-name diapers are the same across the board in quality no matter where you buy them. The only difference between buying Huggies at Walmart versus online is the price tag. Amazon has the lowest price of any store, and your baby definintely won't be able to tell the difference. 

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Party Supplies

Cups, plates, napkins, and plasticware will be used and tossed. It isn’t essential to get the highest-quality party supplies unless you plan on carrying incredibly heavy food. The dollar store will have party supplies that are perfect for a birthday.

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Even we’re guilty of going cheap with our bedding, but shopping around is worth it. Consumer Reports found that Walmart has lower quality bedding when compared to other stores like TJ Maxx and Target. You can also buy your sheets online on Amazon. Talk about sleeping easier!

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Unless you’re buying store-brand, batteries are pretty much the same. There’s a negligible difference between Energizer and Duracell. That being said, batteries at Walmart will cost you much more than if you purchased them at Costco or Sam’s Club. Yeah, you’ll have 50 batteries, but they’ll last forever.

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Straight Talk

This one is on the list because Straight Talk ranks as one of the worst cellular providers ever—and we mean ever. This isn't just a Walmart thing--it's going to be terrible service wherever you get it! 

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The only people still buying CDs from Walmart are your grandparents who don't realize CDs aren't a thing anymore. If you're going to buy physical copies of music, support a local business instead. 

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Gift Bags

Gifts bags are like wrapping paper, except they may be used more than once. At the end of the day, it’s just paper, and spending top dollar for a bag is a little ridiculous. Dollar store bags last just as long and provide the same purpose as the ones from Walmart.

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Think about it this way: if your Walmart TV falls off its mount and comes crashing to the ground, at least nothing of value has been lost. 

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Almost no one walks into a Walmart with the intention of buying a book, but if that's you, allow me to open your mind to the wonders of Barnes and Noble. The selection there will be undoubtedly better. 

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Printer Ink

Printer ink is notoriously expensive. “Liquid gold” may as well be its alternative name. Places like Walmart charge top dollar for printer ink because it has ridiculous profit margins. If you’re purchasing printer ink, shop around online. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a coupon code that discounts the price further, too.

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Okay, sure, if cheap, disposable jewelry is your thing: go nuts at Walmart. If you're shopping here for an engagement ring...well, you may be beyond help. 

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Pet Food

Pet food is a good bulk buy, and we promise that Fido won't be able to tell the difference between Walmart and Costco. And even if he could--so what? He's a dog. 

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Small Kitchen Appliances

Buy small kitchen appliances online. Why? First, because it’s cheaper. Much cheaper. You can get a decent toaster oven for $20, and it holds more than a single piece of toast. Second, there are more options. Depending on your price range, you’ll be able to pick more colors than black, white, and stainless steel.

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Large Appliances

Walmart might be all about shouting their low prices from the rooftop, but when it comes to large appliances, they're actually on the more expensive side. 

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Video Games

Video games are taking a weird turn where digital is the best way to purchase new content. There are constant sales on video games—even new releases. If you want to buy the item in person, check out local game stores. Used prices are always lower by a minimum of $5.

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The quality of the tires is the same, but some stores offer better benefits than Walmart. For example, Costco usually offers free tire balancing and rotations when tire purchases. The same can’t be said for Walmart.

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Greeting Cards

We want to imagine that our cards will be saved, but they won’t. The person we’re giving it to will likely throw it away, which is why you should buy them at the dollar store. Plus, what you write on the inside is what matters most—not the little design on the front.

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Ground Beef

Ground beef is a necessity in most American homes, but you may want to purchase it somewhere other than Walmart. Some reports claim that Walmart’s ground beef is lower quality than other stories. Others simply claim that it’s cheaper at places. Business Insider found that it was $1 cheaper at Aldi than Walmart.

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Luggage is an investment. You don’t want to buy a new suitcase every year. Walmart luggage is notoriously low quality. Some people claim that the luggage doesn’t even last through a single flight. Instead, get your next suitcase or duffle bag at Amazon, L.L. Bean, or REI.

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Sure, you could wade through piles of bodies on Black Friday to find the perfect toy for Christmas. Or you could spoil the kids from the comfort of your own home online. 

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Photo Printing

Walmart used to be the place to get your photo’s printed, but the new age is upon us. Now, most of us want to print pictures off of our phones, and Walmart makes that more difficult than it ought to be. Places like Shutterfly allow you to choose the images you want and print them without getting out of your PJs. Many of these online photo printing services even have coupon codes. Who pays full price nowadays, anyway?

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Gift Cards

Gift cards that are sold in stores on display racks can easily be tampered with. Thieves come in and write down the numbers from the cards, wait for someone to activate it, and then use the numbers to make purchases. This scam has been going on for years and can happen in any store. To be safe, avoid buying these cards in the store and just order online gift cards. 

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Disposable Utensils

Walmart has everything you'd ever need, usually for good prices. However, some items can be bought at different stores for much less. You can buy disposable utensils at a much better price than Walmart can offer at any dollar store.  


Unless you hit up Walmart on Black Friday, their vacuums are going to be overpriced. And if you do try to brave the Black Friday crowds, we can't guarantee your safety. 


Drones are fairly new to the consumer market, and the devices have become extremely popular. As a result, many retailers are now carrying them. Walmart has several options for drones, but you'd be better off going to an electronic store or buying one online. When you get one online, you'll get a better deal and more information on the product. 


If you just want a simple camera to take photos of your upcoming family vacation, Walmart can help you with that. If you're looking for a professional camera with certain features then Walmart isn't the place for you to shop. And God help you if you have any camera-related questions for some poor, unsuspecting employee. 

Phone Accessories

If you want cheap phone accessories, there is no shortage of gas stations in the world. 

Camping Supplies

Walmart supercenters usually have a decent garden section, but the rest of their outdoor supplies can be pretty lacking. Camping supplies, for example, have a very limited selection. Not only does this lead to you paying too much, but you often don't even get the right items. You should go to your local sports and outdoor store for great deals on high-quality camping supplies. 


Other stores offer much better deals on seeds and nuts than Walmart —and you can buy in bulk, too! You can often save a dollar or more on each bag of nuts you buy if you go elsewhere. 


Walmart has a small arts and crafts section, which is often overpriced with a limited selection. It's perfect for when you want to distract the kids with a craft project, but not so great if you're an actual artist. 

Pure Vanilla Extract

If you're looking for true, high-quality vanilla extract then you should avoid Walmart. Local bodegas often carry the extract for a great price, and you can be sure the quality is top-notch! Other grocery stores carry pure vanilla extract at a much lower price than Walmart and customers say it lasts longer, too!