44 Home Decor Mistakes That Make You Look Immature

What if your home decor mistakes make you look immature? Through life, we go through a lot of change. Some things we used to love, we now hate. Think about it. When you were a kid, you hated vegetables, but as an adult, you realize they’re not that bad after all. Heck, some of us hated Brussel sprouts, and now, some of us go out of our way to make them.

That’s not the only thing that changes as we get older. Our tastes in decoration also vary, even if you weren’t the type to decorate your walls when you were younger. Your "décor " goes from posters of your favorite music groups and celebs to actual artwork.

Okay, well, sometimes our tastes don’t change, but we do want to be perceived as mature when we become full-fledged adults. Unfortunately, your home décor can seriously sway the opinions of others. We get that it can be difficult to decorate your house in a way that keeps up with your mature sensibilities, especially when you have to toss something you’ve become attached to (mostly because it’s been on your walls forever).

Hard as it may be, there does come a time when you've got to trade your beer bottle collection with something that doesn't turn binge drinking into a fashion statement. Being young at heart is one thing—being immature in style is an entirely different issue! Here are 44 home decor mistakes that may be infringing on your adult life. We’re not saying you have to hide who you are, but if you are worried about outside opinions, here’s some stuff you might think about.

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