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57 Wacky Things People Actually Have in Their Homes

A Disco Bowl

"Party pooper." —u/whywee

The Bond Villain Chair

"Needs to be on a rotating base for full villain action." —u/Actually_is_Jesus

Table Steaks

u/StaleAssignment: "I bet this is expensive."

u/1VentiCholoroform: "Yeah I mean cuts of meat like that have to be at least 15 bucks a pound even on sale." 

A Fab-poo-lous Addition

"Poo in a shoe? Dump in a pump?" —@markvee3

Stranger Jeans

"I can just picture the thing slowly closing on someone like a Venus fly trap." —u/SupaKoopa714

Roses That Smell Like Poo Poo Poo

Finally, camo for women!

A Way to Hold Your Horses

I got the horses in the back, horse tack is attached...

Whatever This Is

"I'm just gonna leave this here in case you had any hopes of a good night sleep tonight. You're welcome in advance. #illpeeoutsidethx" —@pleasehatethesethings

The Golden Throne

"After all that work they couldn't find anything better than a standard plastic seat cover?" —u/thebayallday

A Conversation Piece

Be our guest?

Snakes on a Pane

"Oh thank God! Felt like I was gonna sleep way too soundly tonight." —@pleasehatethesethings

The Elephant in the Room

"Before you get hung up on the elephant, let your mind wander to what kind of activities require a fully tiled bedroom." —@pleasehatethesethings

Leather Kitchen Cabinets

"That oven is the surprised Pikachu meme." —u/TheVicSageQuestion

This Sturdy Side Table

"Those were her ex husband's legs..." —u/fabergEVJ

A Centerpiece

"Is the side chair for the lifeguard on duty?" —@tiffanyblue4me

Shape-Shifting Countertops

"Someone peaked in high school geometry." —@pleasehatethesethings

A Shower Buddy

I always feel like somebody's watching me...

The Chair Force

"Whenever you sit down you have to thank it for its service." —u/ChoccyBoozer | "He was in the chair force." —u/BastardOutofChicago

Vinyl Flooring

"They did do a nice job on the finish though." —@peggyhampton

A Pool With a View

"I want to see the 'after' photo." —@annsuttie

A Secret Garden

"Not pictured: skin suit." —@pleasehatethesethings

7 ft. Standing Woman Lamp, Helmets and Beads Included

"What abut psycotherapy? Is psychotherapy included?" —@pleasehatethesethings

A Hairy Situation

You can laugh all you want, but this weave ain't cheap.

Friends, Family, Farts

It's at least an accurate depiction...

Shrimp-kabobs, Shrimp Creole, Shrimp Gumbo. Pan-fried, Deep-fried, Stir-fried...

"Is this Bubba Gump's Dump?" —@reijasun

A Mar-sink-i

Are you supposed to fill this sink with gin..?

A Comfy Nest

"The Bird’s Nest bed is the perfect solution for people who have a beautiful amount of space and want to absolutely ruin it with their horrible taste." —@pleasehatethesethings

A Piano in the Kitchen

"It's the end of days." —@pleasehatethesethings

Sleeping Buddies

Welcome to the jungle.

The World's Smallest Door

If you're paranoid people can see in from your peephole, this might actually be a great idea for you.

The Floor is Lava Game: Bathroom Edition

"No one is winning this The Floor is Lava game." —@pleasehatethesethings

Baby Plants

"I’m sharing this in the hopes that it ruins your day as much as it ruined mine." —@pleasehatethesethings

A Bache-fur Pad

"When Austin Powers demands more Shag. You get. More. Shag." —@evajoe

Purr-kins and Gourds

"Why does the left one's tail remind me of that guy with the world's longest fingernails?" —u/ecn_ln

The Writing's on the Wall

"It's a twister, Dorothy!" —@pleasehatethesethings

A Modern-Day Bidet

"I am actually speechless. I mean in what scenario is this required???? Fraternity rush week? And what does one store in that prison locker built in? #somanyquestionsunanswered" —@pleasehatethesethings

A Wooden Fridge

"Diet tip: turn your fridge into a splinter mine field to prevent late night snacking." —@pleasehatethesethings

The Bat Cave

"Someone left their HotWheels in their sister's Barbie Dreamhouse." —u/AshenPack

A Farm-Fresh Kitchen

"Missed a solid opportunity to smear some faux manure finish on those tiles, if you ask me." —@pleasehatethesethings

DIY Cabinets

A+ for effort though?

A See-Through Toilet

"Exactly ZERO people need a clear toilet." —@pleasehatethesethings

The Lone Star Home

Go big or go home. Or do both.

Hidden Compartments

"Rhi not?" —u/Donnypool

Custom Handmade Chevy Truck Baby Bed

Mattress not included, sorry.

Whatever This Is, Pt. 2

Do you see what I see?

Fun With Taxidermy

I'm gonna take my fox to the Old Town Road, I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more...

The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

"That light looks like he's dribbling some serious mucus." —@markvee3

Fart, Poop, Pee

"Stop telling me what to do." —@pleasehatethesethings

A Louis Vuitton Knockoff

Looks legit.

A Venus Faucet Trap

"I feel the need to tell the world REGULAR FAUCETS ARE OK." —@pleasehatethesethings

Mismatched Entryway Decor

"It's like someone said 'Honey, we need to display this dresser from your great-great aunt and uncle. How can we incorporate that need into our home?' Bingo! Store window in the entryway, but without the glass!" —@coffeeandmarble

A Piece of 'Merica

"Make West England great again!" —u/slmxiv

An Indoor Kiddy Pool...In a Golf Course

"Pretty sure I feel a staph infection coming on just looking at this photo. ??" —@pleasehatethesethings

A Recycled Washing Machine

"Imagine how dope it would be if there were fish that would clean your clothes." —u/SunsetJellyfish

A Fancy Sleeping Bag

"Survival gutted camel training dummy or just a really weird sleeping bag. I am not sure." —u/ReaganAbe

A Han Solo Light Switch

"He's so turned on right now." —u/TurkyHeadEd

A Portrait of Your Pooch

"Worth every penny." —u/socialjusticakimchi

DIY Baseboards

"Adds extra texture." —@adamfralich