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10 Fashion Trends That Grandmas Rocked First

1. Cardigans

Grandma's comfy cardigan looked adorably oversized on you when you were 3! Now that you're older, you can rock that cardigan with chic style. Throw a maxi cardigan over a sundress for a put-together look, or use a floral kimono-style cardigan as a beach coverup.

Michelle Obama is almost single-handedly responsible for bringing this "grandma style" (at least at one time) into the mainstream. She was famous for her toned arms as First Lady and often wore sleeveless dresses, but she often paired them with cardigans for a more conservative styling look. They weren't your run-of-the-mill cardigans, though. She tried on bold prints and colors and even cinched them at her waist to show off her svelte figure.

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2. Thick-Rimmed Glasses

Stealing grandma's glasses is a childhood past time, but now you can have a pair of your own! Rock your thick-rimmed glasses with a white, collared shirt and a red lip. On the other hand, keep it simple with a shift dress and a cardigan. 

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3. Socks and Shoes

Grandmas always know how to make you comfortable, and what is more comfortable than being able to wear socks with your stilettos and still look fashionable? Try to stick to neutral socks if you're planning to rock this trend.

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4. Loafers

Who remembers grandma's bland, old loafers she wore way too much? Well, they're getting a makeover! Choose a pair of loafers in a fun print, such as leopard, stripes, or herringbone. This will add some visual interest to your outfits. 

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5. Midi Skirts

Grandmas can be pretty conservative when it comes to skirt length, but the age of mini-skirts is over! Now you can please your grandma and look fashionable at the same time. Opt for a full midi skirt paired with a tucked-in, button-down shirt for work.

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6. Crochet Knits

You probably tossed out most of those crochet sweaters that your grandma gave you as a kid, but you’re going to wish you didn’t. Crochet cardigans, dresses, and even swimsuits are making a splash this year! Pair your favorite crochet piece with something a little edgier to keep your outfit from looking too dated. 

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7. Brooches

Rummaging through a box of grandma's shiny, yet expensive brooches may have gotten you in trouble as a kid, but at least it won't get you arrested by the fashion police anymore. Wear your brooch with a solid-colored sweater, shirt, or dress. Keep the rest of your accessories minimal so that your gorgeous brooch stands out!

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8. Handkerchief Scarves

I'm betting some of your grandma's old scarves are real silk, so you may want to borrow a few. They're sophisticated, lightweight, and can be worn year-round. Pair a handkerchief scarf with a high-necked top, round sunglasses, and cropped jeans to look effortlessly cool. 

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9. Satchel Handbag

Your grandma likely depends on her structured, satchel handbag to carry around her essentials, and you should too. For once you'll be able to transport more than just a tube of lipstick! Use your satchel bag when you’re wearing dainty outfits, such as a skirt and tee.

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10. Gray Hair

Grandmas love hair salons almost as much as they hate gray hair, but young women are embracing this look with artificial dye. If you decide to go gray, use bold lipstick and dark eye makeup to add contrast.

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