30 Biggest Marketing Fails

These are the 30 biggest marketing fails we’ve ever seen. Whether it was poor packaging, a terrible tweet, or a lying commercial, these companies all wished they hadn’t advertised the way they did. Maybe they said something really dumb in a tweet. Maybe they didn’t expect their customers to take the company’s words so literally. Either way, these companies all faced backlash.

No type of company is exempt either. Big and small companies alike have undergone a lot of scrutiny in recent years. Huggies and Disney have both come under fire even though they market relatively innocent products. Bud Light made some big mistakes, leaving us to wonder if their marketing team had consumed a bit too much of their own product. IHOP, your favorite pancake place, makes marketing blunders so often they made our list twice. That’d be an impressive feat if you didn’t know what they had tweeted.

When companies we love make mistakes, it’s shocking and annoying. We want to buy our diapers, beer, and pancakes in peace. We don’t want to have to think about the politics that go into the company that makes our breakfast. We’re hungry. We just want to eat. But when companies cross some lines, you can’t just sit idly by.

We’re not saying you should boycott the companies on this list though! Some of the mistakes, like McDonald’s #McDStories, are super funny and don’t speak badly of the company. Other companies earned from their mistakes and cleaned up their act. Either way, read through and make sure you’re up to date with the companies you support. Where you can, have a laugh.

Image via: WSVN.

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