40 Vacation Pictures Gone Wrong

40 Vacation Pictures Gone Wrong. That memorable family vacation photo that was once confined to dusty albums can now be shared with the entire world across various forms of social media. Vacations are a time to relax and have fun with friends or family or just take some alone time away from it all. After all, who doesn't want a break from a busy, stressful work routine? And what's a vacation without a few fun pictures? Having some new memories to look back on in a few years is a vacation requirement! Photos with friends, families, pets, the sights, and locals are always something to look forward to and save forever.

Some pictures are loving snapshots of a family's bonding experience, and then there are these. Not all photo ops are picture-perfect moments. Everybody has those moments when they try to take a photo, and something goes extraordinarily wrong. Wrong place, wrong time, and all of that. Or maybe it was the right place at the right time?

Some vacation photo fails have gone viral over time thanks to their hilarity and overall awkwardness. Whether it's due to positioning, animals, or simple human error, these are 40 photos that will make you laugh out loud with their wildness. These photos aren't entirely what these vacationers were intending.

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