40 Most-Upsetting TV Finales of All Time

We’ve all been there. After watching an entire series, we’re nearing the end. We’re lucky enough to get a series finale, but is it any good? There are plenty of shows that do it right, and they leave the audience pleased with the ending. Viewers don’t feel like the series left anything out and answered most of their questions. But, for every series that got it right, there is always one that leaves its fans angry and questioning, “What was that?”

Ending a TV show is hard, for viewers, writers, directors, and actors alike. Some shows get it so, so wrong for one reason or another. In the end, things just don’t go as planned whether the actors fall through, the audience has high expectations, or budgets call for a quick finish. Sometimes, it’s even all three! Worst of all, sometimes directors have completely different ideas for the series that are just…off according to the viewers. Well, regardless of the reason, it really upsets audiences and leaves us feeling betrayed.

There are tons of series we can put on this list, but we’ve found 40 of the worst finales of all time that have had fans rioting in one way or another.

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Did you know...

  • After her role as First Lady came to an end, Jackie Kennedy went into the publishing business. She became an associate editor at Doubleday and worked mostly on autobiographies. In fact, she was one of two original editors for Michael Jackson's 2009 autobiography Moonwalk, a #1 New York Times bestseller.
  • Jackie Kennedy is famous for redecorating and renovating the interior of the White House. Actually, on just her first day, she ordered $50,000 in changes for new rooms for the children and upgrades to the kitchen. She later hosted a tour of the White House for CBS News which was viewed by 56 million people and won her an Emmy Award.
  • While attending the Grammys in February 2000, Jennifer Lopez stepped out in a green Versace dress that instantly became a phenomenon. The barely-there ensemble had a dramatically low cut that came below JLo’s belly button. It became such a talking point that it was Google’s most popular search query up to that point, and it spurred the company to include images into search results. It became the motivation for Google Images.
  • Paris Hilton not only lives in a mansion, she also built a doghouse mansion for her Chihuahua. It's 300 square feet and includes air conditioning and heating. It comes decked out with designer furniture, a chandelier, a pink paint job, second-floor balcony, and enclosed "yard." It's not enough for you to live in luxury. Your dog must, as well.
  • Björk created a media sensation when she wore her iconic white swan dress to the 2001 Oscars. At the time, many derided it as hideous and a publicity stunt, but it has since gone down as one of the most memorable dresses of all time—even if it isn't exactly beloved. She says David Bowie was the inspiration behind the dress.